Sure, we may all take the super-cool Super Nintendo Portable for granted NOW.... but there was a dark time when the world was without such a device. This is the amazing true story of exactly what happened on my quest to create what came to be known as... The SNESp.


It all started one day when I was hanging out at the beach. I was feeling down. You see, after creating the Portable Atari 2600 and the Portable Playstation, I needed a new project.

Typical day in Wisconsin, obviously

But what? I decided to look into making some OTHER system portable...

I considered a portable Sega CD-ROM 32-X, but the energy consumption was too high.


Then one day, while walking past the local Wisconsin junk heap, a strange apparition emerged from the rubbish! It was an old Intellivision! It confronted me, asking that I make it portable!

Anthony Hopkins, eat you heart out

 I then thought about what systems over the years that I had played the least (besides the Virtual Boy).


I thought perhaps a cool new portable would give me a chance to revisit the games I might have missed.


I had my eye on my Super Nintendo for a while… It was the new-style re-released kind….

Who was that woman?

Hm… bet the circuitry is pretty small inside…

  Nintendo screws, a thorn in my side since 1985

Curses! It has those darn Nintendo screws holding it together, the kind I can never get open! And I don’t want to ruin this case if the portable doesn’t work… Besides, how would I open it?




10 minutes of grinding later the SNES was cut apart, laid open to the world.

Ah! Look how small that circuit board is! It shouldn’t be hard at all to make this portable! I'll be playing titles such as Star Fox, Super Metroid and Shaq Fu in no time!


  Arranging the Internals!