After years of building portable versions of videogame consoles I've now written a book on the subject. It's called
"Hacking Videogame Consoles" and it contains complete, do-it-yourself instructions to let you make portable versions of the following systems:


Atari 2600


Nintendo Entertainment System


Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Playstation 1

  Available now in bookstores or to order online, it makes a perfect winter project or an interesting gift for a technically-inclined person on your holiday shopping list. (Plus it costs way less then an Xbox 360)

  To learn more about the book, or for information, support, links and files if you're already building one of the projects therein, click below or on the note pad links to the left.

     Learn about the book and the systems it covers
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     Buy time-saving CNC-cut kits to build the projects in the book
     Download support files and templates used with the projects

     Find project materials (consoles, screens, part #'s for electronics) online
     Discuss projects with others in the Forums
     Check the "Help" section for updated procedures and error corrections.

              Latest Help and Troubleshooting additions:

3-15-05: Updated with new and improved Atari 2600 composite video mod
5-19-05: Easy way to bypass the timer IC (AKA "annoying IC") found on some models of Atari 2600 boards

9-25-05: Mouser and Digi-key part numbers for 4021 shift registers (For SNES projects, to avoid wasting old NES controllers)


You can make the projects below!
Click on a photo below for more information, support links and parts lists.
NES portable hand-built PS1 portable hand-built
SNES portable hand-built Atari 2600 portable CNC-built
SNES portable CNC-built Atari 2600 portable hand-built
PS1 portable CNC-built NES portable CNC-built



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Book Features include:


Written in a simple down-to-Earth style that's easy to understand and won't overwhelm the reader. Very little technical mumble-jumble (and any mumble-jumble that sneaks in is thoroughly explained)


Includes complete instructions for 8 different projects (2 versions of each of the 4 systems), plus general-purpose information on hacking the consoles that can be used to create custom projects of your own design.


Hand-built projects are designed to use basic, common tools such as soldering irons, screwdrivers and X-Acto knives. Advanced projects use CNC machinery as well. The book covers both types so there's projects for everyone.


Drawings and practical photographs of the all wiring you'll have to do - no schematic reading skills required!


Shiny gold cover can be used to signal for search planes should you find yourself lost on a deserted island. Plus at 553 pages in length the book will give you plenty to read while you wait to be rescued.



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