Port Washington


   2002-2006   Color   85 minutes
Completed on March 14th, 2006

Written by Benjamin J Heckendorn and Dale Nauertz
Produced, Edited and Directed by Benjamin J Heckendorn

Holy cow! Download an actual trailer for Port Washington! See it in motion! (Quicktime, about 20 megs)

The poster for the film

UPDATE: Port Washington has now been completed. Please visit the official website!


I've done several low-budget (I mean, "Independent") films over the past years, but they were mostly all action-adventure films. Fighting giant Possums, Nazis digging up stuff in the Amazon, things of that nature. In the late 90's I was thinking about doing a comedy... then in May of  2000 I got the idea for Port Washington. I based most of the characters off people I knew, traded certain attributes to some, took away from others. I wanted to make something that was character-driven for a change, and this was it.

The idea started in 2000, we started writing in January of 2002, we filmed 80% of the movie the summer of 2002, pretty much the rest of it that fall, and we've been working on the post production and pick ups since then (as of 5-17-04)

Port Washington is, in my opinion, a dark comedic romance. The theme of the film is time, and how it's always running out. (note the setting sun in the poster)

As yet this film has not been completed and has only been seen in its incomplete (but fully edited) form by 5 or 6 people. So can't say if it is going to work or not yet - we'll have to see. Success (to me) will be if the movie accomplishes 2 things:

1) Makes the audience laugh, hopefully a lot

2) If the audience buys the love between the two main characters and can associate with them and their situations/feelings

Making Port Washington has been the most difficult thing I have ever attempted in my life, period. I will be satisfied enough just to finish it, as to be quite honest I wasn't sure if I even could finish it when I started (much like getting a triple hamburger). If the audience enjoys the movie, then I have truly accomplished my mission.

More information, photos and video will be added soon. In the meantime, you can check out the Production Log for a step-by-step look (well, "read" actually, since there's no pictures) into the production process.

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