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"Hacking Videogame Consoles"


  In 2004 I wrote a book for a publishing company (wow do I get redundancy points or what?) which guides you along in making your very own custom portable videogame systems. It has complete step-by-step guides, so as long as you know which end of the soldering iron / X-Acto knife to hold you'll be able to complete the projects!

  Systems include: (Click on them to view page)

Hand-built NES portable
CNC-built NES portable
Hand-built SNES portable
CNC-built SNES portable
Hand-built PSOne portable
CNC-built PSone portable
Hand-built Atari 2600 portable
CNC-built Atari 2600 portable

  Here's a link to order the thing off Amazon. This saves gas money since you don't have to drive to Barnes & Noble, find a parking space and all that bother. Though it is in bookstores if you happen to be near one.

Click here to buy my book!

Finally you can visit my site for my book, which I think even includes a sample chapter in PDF form: www.benheck.com/book



Atari 2600 based systems (mostly portables)


  Ah yes the game system that started on this path - the Atari 2600! Naturally there's a lot of different models since I've worked with it the longest, even a non-portable PS2 / Atari 2600 combo. Systems are listed in chronological order, oldest first:

VCSp Rev 1
  The original (but not really the best in this case) Still worth a read for the history! (In the beginning...)

VCSp Rev 2-5
  This is when I started making lots of portables. Watch them evolve! (Or rather watch my design skills evolve, from OK to decent to decently OK)

VCSp Gold
  A special "super" Atari 2600 portable

VCSp Special Edition
  An all-oak Atari 2600 portable. It started as a "one of", as in I just made one, but then people wanted them so I ended making a bunch.

Vagabond 2003
  A special kind of 2600 portable, sort of smaller than the norm.

Vagabond 2000
  A very old Atari 2600 design with a flip screen - actually finished late 2004


  My latest Atari 2600 portable. Currently (as of October 2005) still selling them too! Check out the site.

Atari 2600 / PS2 Combo Unit
  Took my junk from the junk pile and made it into something (to sell for beer $ :) This is the Frankenbeast that resulted.

  More Atari 2600 compatible systems coming soon!



Nintendo Systems


NES-on-a-chip portable
Besides the 2 in my book (see above) I also cranked out a small NES portable using a "NES on a chip" (NOAC)

  A NEW NOAC portable?
Mysterious vagueness ensues!

Original SNES portable system built in 2001
  The first system to have a horribly overdone "making of" article (You'll see) Specific revenge for people saying the PSOne portable story was too vague and thin.

Portable Nintendo 64 game system

  Mostly built as a "commentary" on the Nintendo DS



SEGA! (Welco Metot henext level)


"Exodus" Portable Genesis system

  Yes, I KNOW they made a portable Genesis in 1995 called the Nomad (I have one, it's cool) What I did here is take one of those Genesis TV-game joysticks (from Radica, like $25) and make a cartridge-based portable Genesis off it.



Sony Playstation (1 and 2)


Portable PSOne system

  The first non-Atari portable I ever made (this was back in fall 2001)


Portable PS2 system

  Far and away the hardest portable I ever built. Never again! (But once so read about it)



SNK's Neo Geo MVS Arcade System


Neo Geo MVS
Neo Geo MVS Portable
   Someone actually approached me and suggested I build them this. Then I ended up building a couple more as people were quite interested! Stopping myself at 3! (No, I swear it!)

Neo Geo MVS Home Console
   Realizing nobody's ever made a really good looking Neo Geo MVS home conversion console I took it upon myself to remedy the void.

My custom Neo Geo Arcade Machine

   A personal videogame project I've dreamed of making for a decade and a half. No longer a dream but something sitting in my kitchen! (Hurrah!)



What's For Sale


  I get a lot of email from people wanting to buy things they've seen on this site. For the vast VAST majority - as in almost everything - only 1 is ever made and it's sold pretty much immediately after it's built (thus enabling me to make the next thing) But some things are built continuously in multiple copies, they are listed below:

 Neo Geo MVS Consoles
  Still making these on request

 Phoenix 2600 portables
  Also still doing these but will probably stop after the next 7-8 or so.

  Plastic case kits for the projects in my book (See book site)
  CNC cut so you don't have to! What convenience, the best since the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!

  So if you don't see something on this list above then it's not for sale (or sold long long ago) If you really really want something on this site you can always email me and try bribing me with the big bucks, though for no amount of bribing will I build any more N64p's or PS2p's. They were just too darn difficult and not worth it.





  Odds and ends, bits and pieces. Videos, wallpapers, pinouts and things like that. Mostly regarding projects from over the years. Check it out, maybe there's something in there that'll catch your eye. Just don't go TOO hog-wild on downloads and send my bandwidth through the roof or anything.

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