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PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2013 2:40 am 
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Finally had time to finish my NES2 mod we were working on at MGC. We did the LHE A/V mod (bar napkin schematic here) I opted to use a Composite Cable A/V cord (with the headphone style plug on the end) instead of the composite yellow/white jacks as I didn't want to cut the case much, if at all. We also patched the corners that Nintendo cut and added a power LED. Yay!

Closeup of the video amplifier. I was having a bit of trouble with the bar napkin schematic so John (Triton) graciously offered to make and install this part for me.

John and the initial test run at MGC in the Benheck Room. Thankfully, more success on the mod than the picture.

Weren't that many pictures of progress taken at MGC itself. I think John made a video though, so he should post it here if he ever posts it to youtube. :P It was running and that was good enough for MGC. We played some TMNT III but only got 2/3 of the way through. Unsure if that was more/less a failure than our unsuccessful Megaman 2 run the year prior.

Started the project back up. I drilled a hole through the heatsink plate and mounted a bracket to keep the jack from moving when inserting the plug.

Completed inside shot of the amplifier and power led.

Cut's not the cleanest but I'm satisfied with it. I also added in a dummy Composite jack leftover from a 3.5" screen to fill in the old RF port hole. Might eventually hook it up to video, just because.

Power LED on! I think we took it from an old SNES board, as the LED from the original toaster NES is actually multicolor. Would have been cool to have it change a different color every time you turn it on, but really no point to that since it's under the button.

Here is a terrible picture of it running. I noticed that colors are a bit washed out, but not enough to bother me into try and fix it atm. Probably just need a different resistor value on the video amplifier.

All in all a fun mod that is definitely worth the visuals over fuzzy RF. Going to do something similar for my TG16 so I can have Composite Out without shelling out an arm and a leg for a Turbobooster.

Also, Another good source for information on this mod at With the pictures and step by step guide I found it a bit easier to follow than the LHE schematic.


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