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Here you can find many of my original vector drawings of my past projects. Most are in Adobe Illustrator format, versions 10 – CS5.

Terms of Use:

  1. There is NO EMAIL SUPPORT for any of these files. Please search this site to read the original articles if you have any questions, join our forums or buy my book off Amazon.
  2. You may use these files to recreate my old projects, as long as you give credit to this site.
  3. If you recreate a project and sell it, you must label it as a “Ben Heck Reproduction” and give credit to my website.
  4. At this time we do not offer CNC routing services for these old designs. However it’s more likely we’ll offer standard new kits of only the most popular projects (such as NES or Xbox 360 portables).


Woodworking – Includes desks, work benches and pinball cabinets / playfields.

Design files for my home computer desk with stand for dual 24″ monitors benheck_desk_09.ai
Folda-Table, a table that folds up against the wall when not in use to save space folda-table.ai
Design files for the L-shaped work bench I used in my shop, with Rotating Project Base work_bench_09.ai
Original white-colored portable work bench, with 3 stage locking mechanism porta_bench_rev1.ai
Second revision of portable work bench that we built on the Ben Heck Show porta_bench_rev2.ai
Custom Neo-Geo arcade cabinet neo_geo_cabinet.ai
Retro-style arcade cabinet for CRT monitor / MAME use supercase_cabinet.ai
Bill Paxton Pinball – all mechanical files (cabinet, playfield, mechanics and toys) bill_paxton_pinball.ai
Lost Pinball – playfield design file lost_playfield.ai
Lost Pinball – cabinet design lost_pinball_cabinet.ai
System 3 Pinball cabinet – our new design which we intend to be open source system_3_cabinet.ai
RepRap style Porta-Printer – The 3D printer we built spring 2011 on Ben Heck Show RepRap_Porta-Printer.ai


Portable Gaming Systems – Includes Atari, Nintendo and the more recent Xbox 360 and PS3 laptops.

NESp – A portable NES that uses a NES-on-a-chip (NOAC) NESp.ai
VCSp Special Edition – A popular Atari portable I used to make from around 2003 VCSp_SE.AI 
VCSp Rev 5 – One of the most popular Atari portables – I made around 30 of these VCSp_rev5.AI 
Vagabond 2003 – A custom unit that was auctioned off at the 2003 Classic Gaming Expo Vagabond_2003.AI 
STELLA – The very first, original design file for my legendary Atari 2600 VCSp (2000) STELLA.AI
PS1 LCD – Mechanical drawing of the 5″ PlayStation 1 clamp-on LCD PS1_LCD.AI 
VCSp Gold – An overly complicated unit I built in 2001 vcsp_gold.AI 
PS2p – Design file for my 2004 model PlayStation 2 portable PStwo_Portable.ai 
PS1 Guts – Drawing of the PSOne’s internals and a basic portable layout PSOne_Guts.ai 
Atari 2600 4 switch – Mechanical drawing once it’s been cut down to a 4×4″ square Atari_2600_4-switch.ai
Atari 2600 CNC Rev 4 – An aborted design not used in my book. Looks like a taco Atari2600CNC_Rev_2.ai
Vagabond 2000 – Uses a heavily modified 2600 JR and has a flip-up screen Vagabond_2000.ai 
Sega Exodus – Uses a Radica mini-Genesis. The portable nobody wanted until I sold it Sega_Exodus.ai 
Nintendo 64 Portable – Here it is. Now don’t make it, and never ask me to rebuild it N64p.ai
Atari 05 (Pheonix) – For some reason, this has the most detailed drawings I’ve ever done Atari_05.ai
SNES 05 – Pretty good design but for whatever reason, I never actually built it SNES_05.ai 
Xbox 1977 – The retro styled Xbox 360 as seen on The Ben Heck Show Xbox1977.ai
NES Micro – A really small NES that uses a NOAC. NES_Micro.ai
Neo Geo Console – Uses the MV1F board. Get an AD725 chip to make your own Supergun Neo_Geo_Console.ai 
Xpod – Never finished portable based off original Xbox Xpod_Rev_2.ai 
Colecovision Portable – Design files from a tough project I’ll never revisit. Nice logo though! coleco_rev2.ai 
PS1 2006 – Why I was designing a PSOne portable in 2006 is beyond me, but here it is PS1_2006.ai 
Sega CDx Portable – As seen on The Ben Heck Show Sega_CDXp.ai 
Atari Pancake – Weird design from 2007 Atari_Pancake.ai
Atari 800 Rev 1 – First one I built, using an XEGS and Mr Atari’s MyIDE atari_800_1.ai 
Atari 2600 Rev 7 – A folding Atari I built in 2007 Atari2600_Rev7.ai
Wii Laptop – Built only a few weeks after the release of the Wii. Whee! Wii_laptop.ai
Yobo NES – A portable that uses the fairly common Yobo NES NOAC console Yobo_NES.ai 
Storm iM2600 PS3 Case – As seen on The Ben Heck Show Storm_iM2600_PS3.ai 
Xbox 360 Original – The original, water-cooled behemoth. Do not attempt.
Xbox 360 Rev 2 – Second portable I built xbox360_2.ai 
NEStari – Half NES. Half Atari. All Cop! NES-Tari2.ai
 Xbox 360 Halo – An Xbox 360 portable with Halo-inspired graphics xbox360_halo.ai 
New Technology Atari 2600 – One of the last 2600 portables I built newtech_2600.ai 
PS3 Laptop Rev 1 – The first one I built. Uses a launch 60 gig unit ps3_laptop_rev1.ai 
IIgs Laptop – My favorite Apple computer, now in portable form! IIgs_layout.ai
Xbox 360 Portable. A 2008 model that worked pretty well. The last version before the Slim xbox360_portable.ai
Atari 7800 – First and only time I ever worked with that console atari_7800.ai 
Pelican 1490 Case Xbox 360 – Pretty self-descriptive. 1490_Xbox_case.ai
Commodore 64 Rev 1- Failed Version  c64_rev1.ai 
Commodore 64 Rev 2 – Success! One of my personal favorite projects ever. c64_rev2.ai 
Commodore 64 Rev 3 – Slightly different version of Rev 2 c64_rev3.ai 
Neo Geo Peo – Portable Neo Geo using MV1F hardware and a 5″ PS1 screen with RGB neo_geo_peo.ai 
Atari 800 Revision 3 – With a pop-up full keyboard! Quite possibly my favorite project ever. atari_800_3.ai 
Xbox 360 Slim – The laptop seen on the Ben Heck Show. Be sure to keep the PSU cool xbox360_slim.ai 
 PS3 Slim Laptop – Based off new 2009 model PlayStation 3 PS3_Slim.ai 
Stella 2012 – The latest and greatest (?) Atari 2600 portable ???



Assorted Documents – Includes pinouts, how-to’s and PCB designs.

Add a cartridge slot to the cheap Radica Sega Genesis thing radica_pin
A disk image for an Atari 800 game I programmed long ago stripfunmaze
NES – Famicon cartridge conversion chart nes_famicom_pinout
Horrifically ancient WinAmp Atari-based skin winamp_atari_skin
Old Wallpapers from the site that probably aren’t even big enough for a phone now wallpapers.zip
 Neo Geo MV-1C Stereo Audio Mod (where to get the signals) PIC 1PIC 2


Programs – Includes code from episodes of our show and other projects

Description Platform Code
Motion sensing hand sanitizer Parallax Propeller sanitizer.zip
Macro controller for Xbox 360 chipKit Arduino (PIC32) macro_controller.zip
Super Clock! Parallax Propeller super_clock.zip
Safe-T-Pup bike proximity sensor chipKit Arduino (PIC32) safe_bike.zip
Cat Exerciser (Let’s Get Physical!) Parallax Propeller cat_exercise.zip
Expedition Awareness Camera Control Arduino (Nano) expedition_c.zip
Xbox 360 Disc Changer System  Arduino (Uno) xbox_disc.zip
 Tweet Heart – Arduino LED Text Drive Arduino (Uno)   coming soon!
 Tweet Heart – Twitter-to-Heart code Windows  coming soon!
 128×32 Pinball DMD Driver  Parallax Propeller dmd_prop.zip


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