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Bill Paxton Pinball Photo Gallery

Click here for large version

Click here for large version

Drop targets and “Aliens” sentry gun LED counters. Wife 3 ball lock, Demon Hunt (“Frailty”) mode light.

Sunken “Titanic maze”, singing Fish Head, self-crushing Hamm’s can.

Sub launcher door (open position for “Titanic” mode), 1959 Corvette, mechanical submarine game periscope window. When sub gate is closed this ramp shot deflects into the “True Lies” lane.

“Near Dark” killer sun (avoid it when lit) “Titanic” on-ramp, Fish Head targets, Eliza Dushku straddling a Harrier Jet.

“True Lies” return lane, Jamie Lee Curtis progress-o-meter (fill lights to Home to win mode) Wife 1 ball lock, greasy pork sandwich light, Club Dread sign light.

Right ramp for “A Simple Plan” wheel ‘o fate, also Torpedo Loader for U-571 mode. Mark Hamill from “Slipstream” seen on lower right. “Slipstream” lane function varies by mode.

“A Simple Plan” wheel o’ fate. Shoot ball through, get one of the 4 results. Wife 2 ball lock, Apollo 13 oxygen tank stirrers.

Pipe from “Frailty”. Ball shoots through it upon launch. Bill Paxton and Charlize Theron from “Mighty Joe Young”.

Heart of the Ocean (“Titanic”) progress lights. Worn around the neck of Britney Daniels (Club Dread) for some reason. Search the Titanic wreck to light segments and win!

View of the playfield if you’re 4 feet tall.

Back area of playfield.

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Bill Paxton Pinball “Making Of” story

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