Ruggedized PS3

Rugged PS3 in Pelican Storm casing

Here’s the project we built for The Ben Heck Show episode 9. It’s ruggedized PlayStation 3 for use in Afghanistan. It has a 22″ LCD screen, built-in speakers, TV tuner, network switch and storage compartment.

For all of the details on how this was done and to see the unit in action, be sure to check out the latest episode of my show. Enjoy!

55 thoughts on “Ruggedized PS3”

  1. Is there a blueprint of the design for this? I used to remember seeing them somewhere but can’t find it anymore! I have access to equipment and I have all the stuff, just need the plans for the sheet metal! Any help would be great

  2. Ben,

    I would love to have something like this on the US Navy ship I am currently assigned to. For shipboard electrical safety reasons, the problem with this mod is just that, it is a mod. To use this on the ship, all components would have to remain in their original cases and maintain UL standards. For the lower half, keeping the PS3 in its case would not be a problem. The big problem would be the screen. Can you redesign the build to comply with electrical safety regulations?

    I was think of a few other tweaks including a screen that could unhinged and turned around, retractable power cord, and after market sound/speakers. The Holy Grail would to make it battery operated, that would be too much.

    I have seen another company roll out an LCD and case product, but it looks cheap. Please help.

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