PS360 Controller From Dual Shock 3

Not sure if I’ve ever shown one of these before, so here it is:

Very similar to my older models, but this one uses the Dual Shock 3 for the super-immersive rumble function and also has the original Playstation D-pad, creating a true Frankenstein’s monster of a controller.

Of note: Does the nonmenclature of calling something “a Frankenstein” rather than the proper “Frankenstein’s Monster” ever bug anyone else?

Anyway, some making of pictures after the break – enjoy!

Insides of the unit. This is actually the 2nd Dual Shock 3 PS360 controller I have built but the first I’ve bothered to put on the site. It’s using the original PS3 rumble motors, though if I recall correctly the first one I built used the 360 motors and was fine.

I always build these in winter, and always photograph them in the living room when it's dark. Sorry.

As long as it looks good on the outside nobody cares - just ask any pop singer.
Top view of the guts. Not that it matters, but this model is built a lot more efficiently that past endeavors. Of course the Xbox 360 analog triggers are a pain as always.

Getting the PS3 buttons to fit the holes is actually one of the bigger challenges.

Remember, these aren’t too terribly difficult, so if you’ve got the cash, I can usually be presuaded to build them. Check the “Email” button for more details.

NOTE: Since this mod, for whatever reason, continues to be popular, I should note than when I do make these on occasion, the current cost is $750 US. (Controllers+about 2 days labor+compensation for the dollar sucking in value)

Really, why not just get an Xbox 360 and have this controller native? That said, if you really, really want one, email me and the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

74 thoughts on “PS360 Controller From Dual Shock 3”

  1. Ay ben, i was wodnering, how much it would cost me if you basically did this, but instad of a PS3 inside a 360 controller, have it as a 360 controller inside a PS3 controller…

    No offence to anyone else, but i do prefer the Playstation controller over the xbox.

    but i do like teh xbox 360…

    If you could get back to me, its appreciated =D

  2. why do they cost so much
    i could buy another ps3 or xbox 360 with that much cash
    cant you possibly make them as cheap as say 60 most
    if anyone can do that please make me 2

  3. They cost so much because they take time to build.
    There’s roughly $150 in materials (a DS3, a 360 pad, some LEDs, switches + some wiring,) which means Ben’s asking for around $600 in labor… not too much to ask for 2 days worth of work.

    If you don’t want to pay for it, no one is stopping you from building one yourself.
    (in fact Ben provided a tutorial here:, it’s for a SixAxis, but if you have any mechanical ability at all it shouldn’t take much to adapt to using a DS3 instead…)

  4. Ben -

    You are the god of mods! I am constantly amazed whenever I surf by your site.

    I remember when I first saw this end of last year and I was waiting for it to get posted on engadget, but now that there are dualshock 3′s available and you’re doing youtube videos will you please do this ps360 controller mod again?

    Obviously this time with a ds3 and videos on youtube. I’ve already got most of the stuff, and I really want to give this a try. But would really appreciate another how to, this time on video with ds3. Since you keep getting orders for ‘em I hope it’s not an unreasonable request.


  5. I like that d-pad mod!, how much do you you think it would be just for a Ps3 D-pad on a 360 controller?

  6. I’m wanting a PS360 controller am I able to send you the controllers to mod and if your willing what woyld your prices be?


  7. Just a quick question, are the triggers still analog?
    By that I mean in a racing game for example, you squeeze it a little to drive slowly, and you push it all the way to go fast :)
    Any info would help :D

  8. Hey bro, im a soldier in Afghanistan and i have 8 months left. I love 360 but all my boys here play Ps3. I bought one to play on the LAN with these dudes but i hate the Ps3 controllers. I was wondering how much would it cost for you to make and send me one. Im not worried about price so much, but i dont want to spend alot on something that wont work or last a while. Im not doubting your abilities at all, but i work hard for my money and i dont want to get fucked. So let me know if you can and how much, also if u have any problem shipping to an APO address. Thanks man, PFC Sampley

  9. $750 for parts and labor is simply ridiculous. Two used controllers cost ~$60, wiring and extras are negligible. That’s still over $600 for labor. Sorry Ben, but your spare time is not worth that much money. I recommend that anyone thinking of buying one of these look around for local console modders, who would just as easily be able to do the required work for far less. Or, you can be economical and just buy an XMC and one of the newer Xbox 360 game pads with the adjustable D-pad so that you can use the controller on all three major platforms (Xbox, PS3 and PC).

  10. Hello Ben, Im currently trying to make my own ps360 controller using my DS3 controller but my pcb layout does not have the connector for the button grid. Any suggestion on how to find the pin layout button? Thanks.

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