Xbox 360 Slim Portable with New Colors!

Have you noticed the new branding of the Xbox 360? I have, so I made my latest Slim Laptop match! It’s an all-white shell, with metallic insides, but has the new “green swoosh” colors that you see on all the new games and packaging.

Other than that, it’s the same as the last 360 Slim portable I built, with the exception of the Power and Eject buttons which I made back into regular buttons.

For more pics and a video, see the rest of this article.

The colors swoop around the back a little bit. I copied the pattern from “Fallout: New Vegas” (the bugs that happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas).

I think it looks pretty cool, and matches the new dashboard very well (see video).

Unit opens like the others via McMaster-Carr friction hinges.

Of course the next step will be to build one of these with a built-in Kinect camera – so stay tuned for that not-so-shocking revelation!

71 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Slim Portable with New Colors!”

  1. dear ben heck-
    the new xbox looks great i was wondering where i can buy one or what the price range

  2. Hey Ben, Can the laptop have an Xbox Live Wireless Adapter Plugged into it? Because if it did i could be playing with my buddies using a “laptop”. Thx, and how much to buy one?

  3. ben, this is awsome. if i sent you a lap top and an xbox 360 would you be able to make one of these with an ethernet cable input and a standered wall outlet powerchord. (because i wouldnt want to run the battery all the time and i do not always like to use wifi) The one that you made, does it have an audio in put for turtle beaches?

  4. I love all of ur work but i would love for u to make a battery powered x-box 360 laptop i dont need a kinect camera i would pay 250 at the most i am hoping that i could get it for christmas

  5. if you go to the store at the top of the page you can see where to buy them and how much, and tyson it ain’t 275

  6. hey ben what happend to the website you had showing how to build one of these? if its no longer up could u possiby post some sort of tutorial on how to do it, would be much apprieciated

  7. and also is there any way of making these things actually portable so you dont have to plug it into the mains? oh and would you be able to still connect it to your TV?

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