Portal Shirt – Just in time for Halloween!

I'm in the mood for cake.

It dawned on me that making a see-through Portal shirt might be a huge success. It’s probably the geekiest Halloween costume you could possibly make. You see, I do what I must, because I can.

I've got a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you.

The system consists of a front-mounted LCD, pocket-mounted battery pack and rear-mounted camera. And the best part is you can watch us build it on Episode 4 of the Ben Heck Show, since it is out of beta and releasing on time.

You can make up to $2000 for a week study.

This shirt is now up for auction to benefit the Able Gamers Foundation. Click here to check out the eBay auction!

64 thoughts on “Portal Shirt – Just in time for Halloween!”

  1. [...] Una camiseta, una pantalla y una pequeña cámara vuelven a ser los protagonistas de un simple pero muy currado disfraz o efecto. El cómo, os lo podéis imaginar, así que si os interesa saber específicamente cómo lo hizo, podéis ver un vídeo explicativo por el autor. Visto en Ben Heck [...]

  2. someone pointed me to your website as you designed a lefty controller, well” if I had a bunch of money I would too..

    I’m interested in a lefty X360 controller, soo here’s my story.

    My son has Porencephaly ( missing a golf ball size peice of the left side of his brain) he has no fine motor control of his right hand, and can barely hold the right-side of the controller with his right hand.

    So he plays lefty, palming the left stick mostly, using thumb on right stick and shooting/nading etc.. with his left fingers.

    He’s been playing games since he could hold a controller, my way of helping him with his dexterity of his left and right hands.

    He’s come a long way for someone that might not walk, talk, etc.. he also has a slight walking/running issue with his right leg
    and if you watch his face closely when he talks, his rightside doesn’t move quite the same as his left.

    he does very well, plays many different types of games, COD, HALO, NBA, NFL, MLB, Racing, etc.

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