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PS3 Slim Laptop

Click here for larger version.

Last month I ran out and bought one of the new PS3 Slim consoles. You can check out my “tear down” of the unit here.

I had some other projects to finish first at the time, but now I’ve gotten around to building a laptop out of this thing. It might still be my fastest project of a new console, I think the Wii was 2 months after launch, this is about 35 days.

Anyway, specs:

  • PS3 Slim Hardware, with cool-running 45nm architecture. Very VERY quiet.
  • 17″ widescreen LCD with HDMI-DVI digital connection.
  • Built-in power supplies / compartment for the AC cord.
  • Push button volume control with stereo speakers.
  • Sleek white monochromatic styling with pin stripes.

Click here for larger version.

For the “Making Of” story, pics and video see below.

After tearing down a system I put it back together. In the case of modern systems this usually means cleaning off the CPU/GPU dies and heat sinks and putting a new thermal compound in. I usually use Arctic Silver, yeah it’s expensive, but so is my stuff and “a little dab’ll do ya”. (I’ll old enough to know what product that slogan is actually for – sigh)

Here’s a fun trick – scanning things. It’s not all that accurate, but it’s good for a base reference and to double-check other measurements against. Oh, and there’s my rarely-used metric dial caliper.

This is my favorite cheap trick, and no, not the big hair band. A quick and dirty way to see if you’ve drawn the parts correctly is to hold them up the screen and close one eye. Sure it’s not super-accurate, but it’s slightly more “green” than printing out a copy and checking that way. OK, I don’t give a crap about green, I just don’t want to lean over and turn on the printer… which is always off… BECAUSE I am green! Ha ha!

Actually, no again, I just like saving money on electric bills. Which… um… is why I have dual 24″ monitors. Ahem. Moving on… (dot org)

Here’s a couple videos regarding the routing process. It’s always fun to pull the pieces out and see how they fit together. Well, I know HOW they fit together, I guess the more appropriate word is IF.

With that done it’s time to put the case together!

Now no matter how well you design everything to line up, there’s going to be some imperfections. Parts are CNC’d in the real world (and the Sabre 408 isn’t as young as it used to be, in fact it’s 10 years old!)

So one trick I like to do is to use a countersinking bit (the V-shaped one above) to cut a slight cone in each receiving screw hole. This way, when I put the halves together, even if the leading screw doesn’t QUITE match the receiving hole, the sloped slides will guide it in. Kind of like docking a space ship, but with 9000% less rocket science.

Here’s the Gateway 1775W LCD in the screen frame. Most of this unit is very similar to the 360 portable design. There’s a 1/2″ piece of material for the LCD, and a 3/4″ curved piece on top of that. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time, and this frees me to up put my creativity elsewhere.

As before, this unit uses an HDMI-DVI adapter cable from Tiger Direct. They are pin compatible except for the audio signal. There isn’t QUITE enough room for a full DVI plug, so I cut it off, desolder the jack, and wire it manually, as shown above.  I’ve reskinned the cable with heat shrink tubing, and added the +5, +12 and GND for the LCD controls.

Attaching the pin striping. As anyone who’s done this will tell you, it’s the age-old balance of enough soapy water to make it adjustable, but not so much that it never dries – a problem on the edges and corners. My amazing $10 Harbor Frieght heat gun can help with that.

Check out how thin the LCD portion is! It almost completely fits in the 1/2″ plastic screen frame. Also you may be wondering why the main part is green – my plastic order was shipped to the wrong address, so I had to use what was laying around and paint it later.

I almost always paint my cases with Kylon for Plastic, available at fine hardware stores everywhere. It was kind of lame, I had to buy an entire can of light gray just to paint the button area. I couldn’t just vinyl it since the plastic face was textured.

Attaching the hinges. Again these are the expensive-but-great 16 torque-lb friction hinges from McMaster-Carr. I used to make my own hinges, but my retired engineer uncle gave me some great advice – “Don’t build what you can buy.” Right on – and yet I made a portable Sega Genesis.

The completed screen module. The HDMI plugs into the back of the PS3 and is held in place when the case is screwed together. The power wires go to a plug which connects them to the LCD’s power supply.

Onto the main unit! The console isn’t as heavily modifed as my Xbox’s (thank God) but there’s still a lot of busy work. I start with the panel buttons PCB. This is the part with eject, power and LED’s. On the PS3 it also glows, but I’m omitting that part.

Using thing Ultra-ATA hard drive cable I “pin out” the eject and power tact switches (they have a common ground) as well as the red, green and blue surface-mount LED’s.

It’s not too hard to replace SMT LED’s for your own projects:

  • Using a small power supply (2 AA’s work well) check the polarity of the LED by making it light up. Mark which end is + and -.
  • Heat up your solder iron, the hotter the better but make sure it has a small tip for accuracy.
  • Blob solder onto the ends of the LED, heating it up.
  • Push the LED off the board. Be sure not to slide it into anything important.
  • Carefully attach new wires to the SMT pads where the LED was.
  • Dab hot glue onto the wires so if they are pulled the glue will take the force, not the pads. This prevents pad destruction and tears.

The base of the unit. The button PCB is screwed to the front, in roughly the same spot it should be. This allows the existing, fairly long ribbon cable to reach its original plug. Again, I am good an soldering / resoldering, but I stil avoid it when I can. (Saves time for when I do have to resolder everything)

Power supply. The PS3 PSU had an interesting case which looked like an ink toner and easily pulled out of the unit. I ditched that to save space for wires and installed it “bare”. There are some consideration of course. See above? I don’t want to mess with these adjustment potentiometers, so I’ve blobed on hot glue so they’ll save their settings until eternity!

That’s a good rule for hot glue – only slather something with it if you’re SURE it’s working and doesn’t need changing. Because if it does removing the glue is a pain! (I usually carve it off with an X-acto)

More recycling! I love square-shaped blister packs – like the ones PS3 controllers come in – because I can slice off and keep the plastic for later insulting. Ironically, “later” in this case was the PS3 laptop. Seem appropriate. Anyway, even though the solder-side leads shouldn’t touch metal when installed, they might, so this is a precaution. When doing this, be sure to cut out holes for the screws  / screw access. (I forgot the first time)

Funky Foam – the best crappy kids crap on the market. Whenever I’m at Hobby Lobby I grab a bunch, and it’s cheap! (Internal memo: Hobby Lobby will be a good place to meet women when I’m 45)

Anyway, it’s this thin, adhesive-backed foam that comes in many colors. In the above example I’ve used 2 layers of it to keep the PSU board from sagging. I also used it to space the edges of the LCD and to space out the back of the LCD so the lid holds it in place.

I also used this foam on a prop I did for the “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” movie, which is something I’ll probably talk about when that movie comes out, not sure if it’s in the final cut.

White Funky Foam is also useful for making base “feet” – you can buy 12 felt feet at Ace for $2.99, or make 100 feet for $0.79. I should have realized this 6 projects ago!

I don’t know what happened to the original screws for this PSU so I had to find some the same size. And the winner is… Xbox 360 heat sink screws! Great, now the thing will overheat! (Yes, I’m that superstitious)

The power cord, coiled into the case like a snake. A groove allows it to stick straight out from the plug (right side) when in use.

As you can see, I could have easily made the unit smaller on the X axis, but I would have had to use a 4:3 (non-widescreen) LCD to do it, because the Gateway 1775W is about the smallest 720p screen around as it is.

I thought briefly about using the same model the Atari 800 had (it has a VGA mode, as does the PS3) but to me next-gen means widescreen so it was a concession I chose not to make.

Panel buttons. I forgot to rout the backing plate so I had to make it out of bits of junk. There isn’t a whole lot of room above the Blu-Ray drive, so I bought special thin tact switches to ensure they’d fit. Along with the LED’s these are wired to a female header receptable that fits into the button PCB wires I did earlier.

I got through a TON of headers these days – especially with my pinball machine – but as always, I highly recommend modders use them. Search Digi-Key, Mouser etc for “male headers” and “female header receptacles”. (No, this isn’t becoming a porn site) Common pitches (space between pin centers) are .1″ and .079″ (or 2mm)

The audio amplifier and digital potentiometer volume control. I love this amp – it’s simple to use, cheap, small package and stereo. Unlike some amps where you set the level beforehand and the amp just… amps it you input the source signals into this and it amplifies them both based off a voltage level you put on a pin. (0 – 5 volts). It grabs the +5 volts from the LCD’s power supply.

This voltage pin is set by the wiper controls on the digital pot. So basically by pressed + and – volume it’s like turning a virtual knob on a voltage divider. Note the yellow pot – this limits the high-end voltage reference and is basically a “volume limiter”.Unlike the 360 laptop this thing isn’t “fighting” over the fan noise, so I can set a reasonable volume level to ensure the PSU isn’t overly taxed.

The audio amp is non-stock and running out, but alas, here are the Digi-Key part #’s:

Digital Pot: X9511WP-ND

Audio amp: 296-18249-5-ND

The two halves of the unit ready to go together. Again most of my stuff these days goes together the same way: screen is its own module, connects to base, inner lid portion is attached and screwed to base, screen portion is attached via the hinges.

Another view. You can see the white AC cord for the LCD PSU which feeds off the PS3 input. (Enough acronyms for everyone in this article?)

And now some random pics:

The panel buttons are faux brushed aluminum, with the grain going left and right. That may sound like a small detail, but those are the kind you need to get right!

I used clear-when-off 3mm LED’s so they would fit with the monochromatic color scheme as much as possible.

Fan vent above the main fan in the PS3. About 30% of the case design time was spent on this area alone.

I knew the position and size of the vent hole, and then made a cool lid for it. But the tricky part was how to work this into the design of the case. I settled on a “ying yang” balance where a secondary circle around the vent goes to the edge of the case, and is replicated by the edge of the gray.  The top of the buttons are level with the bottom of the vent, and the upper slit vents are lined up with the left edge of the circular vent and then mirrored to the right from center.

Finally, the LED positions were “cough positioned”, as I like to call it. That’s when, after a bunch of symmetrical, carefully planned stuff, you select the LED’s then cough as you tap ARROW UP until they “look right”. It’s an old trick from working with clients, it makes inaccuracy funny and thus OK!

Rear of the unit. Since everything went to schedule (finished it on the day I predicted, rare) I took the time to add pinstripes in the back as well. Good to have plenty of sharp X-Acto knives for this stuff!

Unit closed. See the small hole on the lid to the left? That leads to the power switch of the LCD – sometimes if it’s off long enough you have to restart it manually. (Just in case – you usually only have to do it when the LCD is new)

Side view. The design of the case is very simple looking. That doesn’t mean it is simple, just that it is very functional and clean. I am equally proud of this kind of work as I am an overly complex piece like the recent Atari 800 laptop.

You can see the USB ports on the bottom, and another vent. Hey, couldn’t hurt! The Blu-Ray drive has an opening to get to get. I made it as narrow as possible and still able to get the disc out. Again, always ALWAYS leave “slop” room when doing things like this.

Crap, I just realized what this reminds me of! Those awesome “twist” cones, that had chocolate and vanilla swirled together! Was that a subconscious decision? Only my ID knows!

This unit looks very sporting and would great to play Gran Turismo 5 on, when it comes out in 2021. I would call it a “Gran Turismo Themed PS3″, but honestly the racing stripes are just a holder wish from the original aborted C64 laptop.

Finally, a demo video of the unit in action.

And another video.

Well this will be the last “laptop” for a bit – I have a bunch of controller monitors to build this month.


223 Responses to “PS3 Slim Laptop”

  1. Brandonk318 Says:

    Nice work, very pretty…I will tell everyone about you not wearing sfty eyeware…..naughty naughty…. just just jokeing, great job Ben. Can’t wait til you decide to make as small as possable. That would be a feat to see.

  2. Matthew Stephens Says:

    This is really Incredible stuff!!! I would most likely get a PS3 if they came like this…

    Your laptop modification is exactly what I would do myself (If I was able to do such great work).

    Keep up the good work! I’m Glad I found this somehow!

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  6. Brandon Says:

    How do I buy one HOLY CRAP!!! I want one so bad!!

  7. Chris Says:

    I would totally buy one of these and It would be worth every penny of it.

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  9. Kyosho Says:

    You should put some of those go faster stripes on one of your controller monitors and tell the developer you threw them in for no extra charge. It’ll work much faster!

  10. collinE Says:

    So nice. Came out really well. I’m sad to hear that this’ll be the last laptop for awhile, but I can see why you’d want a break.

  11. MarkyB86 Says:

    Rawsome. Thats all I can say.

  12. BBabic Says:

    Do you take commissions? Because I would love nothing more than to have one of these babies.

  13. Ben Harden Says:

    It looks great! I didn’t know you did props in “I hope they serve beer in hell”

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    Ben, love your work. Willing to pay for your work. I need one!!!! Please contact me at my email address and tell me what you need to build me one!!!! You’re awesome!

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    Awsome work mate, if i had the tools i would also try making smooth custom designs. The only thing i think you could have done better is the cord from monitor to the console. Sure if you had taken the time you´d probably could have found some good hiding solution for it. But anyway very nice work.

    I’ve got a task for you if your up for it.

    Can you build a combined ps3 & pc in one chassi but only to be used with one monitor/tv, maybe like a simple pc server and a ps3 in one.

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  22. magnusalpha Says:

    Fantastic work, I’m very impressed.

    FYI, the colored PS3 controllers have been released, so now you can get a white one for this laptop.

  23. Collin Says:

    What are your thoughts on the feasibility of putting a PS3 slim into a home theater component case that would fit onto a component stack like a dvd player would? Could it be done? Main thing I wonder about is the top vent fan preventing other things from being stacked on top, but i guess you could just make sure it is on top.

  24. Wally Says:

    Very Good Ben !
    Now where is that keyboard mate?
    I have heard the PS3 Slim doesn’t take too well to Linux like the old one,
    but that can be overcome… So even a membrane keyboard will make it an execellent mode
    and subversion ;-) Self contained play station and eh laptop …

  25. karido Says:

    hi! I looooved this one!!!
    i wish i can buy it!!!
    but about the name….[PS3 Slim Laptop]. its more like a Portable DVD Player than a Laptop…
    before (in the Xbox360 or PS3 Project..i forgot which one exactly), you forced yourself to put a keyboard in your modification, to make it a real Laptop, in Name and Design.
    so, when i heard of this slim project, i thought you’re gonna put a keyboard as well… but its OK!! its really really nice and neat… i love it…
    *claps clap* great work.
    keep up the great work!
    P.S.\ even though i think i dont have the tools or time or money to CREATE one like your projects… but i really appreciate and respect your way in teaching us and telling us how you did your projects, you didnt hide it from us. thanks ALOT!!

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    I love watching people pull off this level of awesome.

    I gotta put this on my site.


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    Hey, you can convert high school students to electronics etc. Nice lab. project to show them that if they learn these steps, they will always have jobs. No out-sourcing from USA. Good jon and a good teacher.

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    your prices are ridiculously outrageous.i am 14 and i made my own xbox 360 laptop for about $180. it might not be as nice as yours but it works.i also have wireless internet and a internet browser. i just bought a broken laptop off craigslist for about $20 including shipping for a case. and a xbox 360 off ebay for about $60 including shipping. a controller and a wireless adapter for about $40 including shipping. and a trend-net switch box.
    i also bought spray paint and made some stencils to make it look nice.
    and than i just started working.
    how come i haven’t seen any thing about a internet browser on your xbox 360 laptop.
    i also converted a laptop battery into a battery i can use for my xbox 360 laptop.
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    how come i didn’t see that on your xbox 360 laptop either.
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    Really cool as usual! Now a suggestion: why stick to standard design, putting the fans (where the keyboard would be) on the front? How about having the ‘fold’ the other way around, so that the fans would be ‘behind’ the monitor? All one needs to see is the monitor, so one could fold the computer to have the monitor facing the user, while the ‘base’ would be behind it. I understand that it would involve further engineering (perhaps a rotating monitor), but it stands as an idea for PS4 =]

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    The PS3 has a real shortage of USB ports, and I’ve noticed you left room for a small USB hub on the side, so that might be an excellent mod if you’re contracted to build another one for someone.


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  81. Some Dude Says:

    Some things to consider:

    When removing surface mount components, the hotter the better is not always true. Too much heat can damage the lands and even move them from the spot they were attached to. If that particular pin is not connected, that land will probably disappear (and it’s not a big deal). If the pin on the component is used, well, then you need to carefully move it back into place without stressing the copper trace that it’s attached to. You may want to word that a little more carefully.

    Secondly, hot glue is not difficult to remove from electronics. If you had been using silicone, I would 100% agree with you. That stuff is much tougher to remove. Hot glue though? Nah. It’s a breeze.

    Lastly, finger nail polish works great when you’re gluing the wiper of a potentiometer. If you never need to do any fine tuning, you can use some acetone to remove it.

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  83. Francois Says:


  84. Playstation 3 Laptop Says:

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  85. Basement_Modder Says:

    I demand a video of you playing this with a PS360 controller! (How’s that for a white controller? :P)

    Nice work. :D

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  90. Jan Duarte Says:

    Cooler and way lighter than the first PS3 laptop (which was the heavy bound).

    I like this one better! Way to go dude!

  91. PS3 Slim Laptop, nuevo mod de Benheck « Putas y Varios Says:

    [...] estéreo integrados y con control de volumen, pero en esta ocasión no incluye teclado. En el blog del constructor tenéis todos los detalles sobre su fabricación, imágenes y vídeos [...]

  92. Lucia Says:


    I would love to have a ps3-laptop

    Even thou I dont have the money to buy a ps3 slim, or the guts to tear it apart

  93. Animaster Talks | Simple Digital Life » Blog Archive » Laptop PlayStation 3 Says:

    [...] dengan cara “bongkar-pasang” PS3 hingga jadi seperti ini? Silakan langsung kunjungi situs pembuatnya. ^^ Tags: ps3, slim Category: Gaming, Lifestyle, Technology  |  Comment (RSS) [...]

  94. Jake Says:

    Very nice job!
    looks incredible, what did you make the case out of?
    was it a few layers of komatex plastic?

  95. scott Says:

    Fantastic Job. I noticed the lesser vent holes than the xbox 360 one. Very smooth product. Congratulations!!

  96. Jay Says:

    I would have liked to have seen the ports. Does this have USB and/or headphone jacks? A headphone jack would be really important. I do not use PS3 so don’t know the specifics.

  97. flybynight53 Says:

    excellant job! copyright it or try to patent your idea.

  98. Jose Says:

    hey, man this thing is freak in assume you should consider talking to sony about this it could make your a millionaire a bunch of people would by this in stead of the dame PSP Go consider it man i would love to own one man especially when traveling imagine playing your favorite titles every wear you go thats assume.

  99. Wagner Says:

    could u place somewhere how to do it i really would like to try

  100. PS3 Slim Laptop - - Says:

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  101. tpr Says:

    You are excellent… The work you have put into this awesome machine is great!

  102. ☆ ☆ » La Playstation 3 portable #2 Says:

    [...] Plus d’infos : [...]

  103. Gromas Says:

    Nice Work!!

    Keep doing stuff like this! ;-)

    Greetings from Portugal!!

  104. CCT#236: Live Long and Drive Safe – 206.222.2428 | Technorama Says:

    [...] Ben Heck’s Slim PS3 Laptop [...]

  105. Marcus Says:

    You want this laptop? Well The Score of Cool Springs is the only place you can get it! Oh yeah we are giving it away!!! Go to to read the rules!!!!!!!!!! hope to hear from you soon!

  106. DIY Project: Ben Heck’s PS3 Slim Laptop | Dark Diamond Says:

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  107. mlawlor Says:

    one thing that i didnt notice or maybe i just wasnt paying attention is does it hold a charge? can you carry this thing around with you or do you need an outlet? another thing is does it have a headphone jack in case you wanna watch a movie in bed or play a game by yourself so you dont disturb your roommate if you’re say in college or even at home. thats just a couple of things i was wondering. otherwise fantastic work man. i always thought someone would do this after the failed attempt at the screen sold for the PSX. im a machinist myself as well so i can appreciate the work that went in the case.

  108. town Says:

    flying monkey for sale flying monkey for sale flying monkey for sale flying monkey for sale
    now that i have your a eyes ha ha ha make more than one

  109. Niccolo Says:

    Holy hell. Ben, you are officially this generation’s Macguyver. This is made of win and awesome.

  110. vinvin Says:

    Je suis français et je trouve votre travail magnifique et je prefere votre version de la ps3 portable !!!!!
    you sale this ps3 or not ?

    because I love it

  111. agustin d Says:

    hey ben would like for you to do me one i pay you 3,000 for it plzzz >?

  112. agustin d Says:

    hey i pay you what ever man if u want i pay u threw paypal i have money man so give me ur price and i send you the money you the man

  113. Someone Somewhere Says:

    You.. are so cool. =]

  114. Lecsi Says:

    Its a common knowledge but I have to say: You are the man! Not just for this but also for the pinball machine.

  115. stonehands270 Says:

    how much for the ps3 or xbox 360 laptop

  116. PS3 Slim Laptop Mod by Ben Heck | Ps3 Maven Says:

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  127. Owen Says:


    You Ever Thought About Makeing Stupid Amounts Of Money From Making These And Selling Them On
    (Cos You Could Man) Id Give You Around £800 For One Of Those,I Think Thats Pretty Realistic.

    If I Knew You Personally I Would Shake Your Hand And Kiss Your Feet

    Great Work You Smart Mofo!

  128. Ben Heckendorn Builds Amazing Stuff | Says:

    [...] built some serious consoles – they all look amazing. Ever wanted a PS3 laptop? He can make one for you. Portable PS1? Yup, he can do pretty much [...]

  129. gaj Says:

    just wondering, do any of these laptop mods have a straight HDMI out in case you want to use it with a big screen?
    otherwise, great work again!

  130. Ben Heck PS3 Slim Laptop Mod | Consoles at Hardware Sphere Says:

    [...] Another Great Job, Ben! [...]

  131. PS3 Slim Laptop… Prepare to Be Jealous « About Video Games Says:

    [...] [Source:] [...]

  132. m-a Says:


  133. rockz631689 Says:

    Ben, that’s some awesome piece of kit – seriously, have you had talks with SONY about producing this? I’ve been on for years that if SONY made s PS3 Laptop I’d definately buy one….as would most current PS3 owners. Surely it’d be worth at least suggesting it to them?

    @everyone else…..Lets start a campaign for SONY to seek Bens advice/assistance in producing this awesome machine!

  134. rockz631689 Says:

    people, go to the website and sign PLEASE! Once there are 1000 signatures, I’ll send a letter/email to SONY followed by a follow-on every 500 signatures! Forward the website address on to everyone you know:

    Lets get this thing built!

  135. Jophnathon owens Says:

    Can i buy one that is cool

  136. Sam Says:

    HEY BEN !
    You should offer you CRC cut out kits for sale, so we modder and build our own!!! sort of like what lumenlabs does..>!!

  137. The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn Says:

    [...] you can see it’s fairly close to the final design of the PS3 Slim Laptop. More drawings after the [...]

  138. Canaha Says:

    Do you sell this stuff?
    I want to buy it ^^
    I’m a ps3 geek and want to have my ps3 with me every were and I hope you want to sell a ps3 like this to me =)

    Canaha, Norway

  139. Axel Says:

    It is possible to buy one? I really like this one :-)

  140. Lester L. Says:

    Pretty tight, you should have added a headphone jack to it though.

  141. Joe POnte Says:

    this thing is sweet. The only thing i would have done different is left the hdmi plug accessible do that i had the option to connect this to a big tv if i wanted to.

  142. Morning Links – 10/3/2009 | Mormon Bloggers Says:

    [...] guy puts the PlayStation3 internals into a laptop frame. [...]

  143. Marcio Moreira Says:

    my ps3 slim fell from a window and broke the power source. I want to connect the Power Source of a PC and wanted to know the voltage of 202 and 201 output conectors. Anyone can measure and pass for me?

  144. Ahmad Saadat Says:

    wish i could make one or get one i dont have any game consoles.its really cool to have one of them.

  145. Psedog Says:

    We have white controllers in Japan. We also have grey (silver). If you want one or two you should look into getting them from here. The admin can see my email address, so contact me if you need help acquiring one or two. I have a military post office out here so shipping would be the same as any US shipping :D

  146. ps3 slim laptop by ben heck for sale on ebay | Says:

    [...] rich & lucky bastard is about to get his hands on one of Ben Heck’s PS3 Slim laptops, because it’s up for grabs on eBay right now. Yes, that’s right, don’t read the [...]

  147. PS3 Laptop anyone?? Well Here ya go! | Says:

    [...] you want details of how the PS3 laptop was made then the information is available over at Ben Heck. If you’d like to bid on the PS3 Slim Laptop then the auction can be found  on Share [...]

  148. SaperPL Says:

    Nice thing, but would be nice if u could add keyboard and install linux on it so it would be the real laptop-ps3 combo.

  149. Get Yourself a PS3 Laptop for Chump Change Says:

    [...] look here for more info regarding the making and contents of the unit. I have not used it for any more then [...]

  150. lol Says:

    So someone is selling it. Are they male or female, I cannot tell?

  151. gumgl Says:

    This is so awesome. I would buy it if I had enough money.
    I think a black design would be better.
    What happened to the USB ports? It is useful to charge the controllers.

  152. Ben Heck PS3 Slim Laptop Listed on eBay Says:

    [...] you want details of how the PS3 laptop was made then the information is available over at Ben Heck. If you’d like to bid on the PS3 Slim Laptop then the auction can be found over [...]

  153. xman Says:

    is this fo sale???

  154. xman Says:

    is this for sale?

  155. strictly green Says:

    how to make the extra leds on eject board active ? cant find how they work

  156. byteArray Says:

    Awesome, you really should make money with custom builds.

  157. Hurfendurg Says:

    How do you use the USB ports? o-o

  158. Kalen Says:

    does this thing have battery life

  159. mods rule! Says:

    if only you coud make it really small, have the outputs on the back as well as a screen (hdmi screen built in + output for bigger screen, and make it look like a mac book! oh and I wouldn’t buy it if it was put together with electrical tape i think it would fall off eventually and screw everything. anyway GREAT job!

  160. Inside Ben Heck’s Workshop | Computer Laptop News & Reviews Says:

    [...] then you’ll probably already know who Ben Heck is. Including the recent addition of the PS3 slim laptop to his list of mods, his work is always impressively well thought out. With all of that, you might [...]

  161. overclocking your cpu to the extreme review Says:

    Love your blog I’m gonna to subscribe

  162. Playstation 3 “Portable” – The PS3 Luggable « Playstation 3 "Portable" Says:

    [...] were limited.  Not a lot has been done to mod a PS3, except for Benjamin Heckendorn’s awesome PS3 laptop and an equally awesome wireless viewing interface by techknott on the [...]

  163. Epic News for 3-22-10 - Epic Default Productions Says:

    [...] T: So THIS is what Ben Heck does when he’s not being FUCKING AMAZING [...]

  164. Dimitris Says:

    hi i want to bye the ps3 slim laptop please help if youc sell it ok but if no tell me please were i can found it its very important to me my email is this please i will be wairng for a answer

  165. Jacques O. Beatty Says:

    Mr. Heck,

    I know you’ve received a thousand requests, but please tell me that you take orders on this “laptop inspired” PS3. I would be willing to purchase one of these from you post-haste!

  166. SLOMER Says:

    muy bueno ojala lo pusieras en español pa que le entendiera mejor no se mucho ingless jeje

  167. drod14 Says:

    hi ben hows it goin im trying to make a ps3p of own i was wondering if you could explain how and were you got the power for the monitor in alittle more detail thanks and kickass job on the slim it looks great.

  168. Keijhan Says:

    Dude you should sell this to Sony

    And this is amazing

  169. The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn Says:

    [...] For more in-depth coverage of how this unit was put together, check out the Original PS3 Laptop “Making Of”. [...]

  170. Laptop PS3 Slim | Comunidad Peruana de Modding y Overclocking Says:

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  171. Ps3 laptop courtesy of Ben Heck | Tut7 Says:

    [...] would be bored of them. But no! We love each and every new production – including his latest laptop-ified Ps3. Not too much in the terms of ‘new’ comes from his latest article, but it does reaffirm [...]

  172. Azn Says:

    Hey does it built in with wifi? and are you planing to make more a sell it?

  173. Interested Says:

    Hey ben,

    Im gonna try build a PS3 laptop for a school project.
    Do you think It would be possible to have a built in battery (for the ‘slim’ laptop) or a battery in the power bax so it is external but does not need to be plugged into the wall.


  174. Paige Says:

    how do i buy a ps3 labtop??? Email me back at

  175. Maison Looi Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has said this, I think you should add a little more options, I know you did a fantastic job already, but as a consumer, i’d want more.

    Now the look and name is “Laptop”, so you expect to have a little more laptop like features. I see you added some sound options, thats great, however some people may ask for more.

    Now alot of these ideas will probably ask for more room making the unit bigger and heavier. However, this is a PS3, so you’d probably want these features.

    Now I know the original unit has a Digital Optical Audio Interface already, however, I think it would be nice to have a Headphone jack option.

    Power would be another thing aye, do you think it would be possible to shove in a generic laptop battery, something typical of the market, or at least something similar of that matter.

    Another thing would be that, there is a wide keyboard like space, but no keyboard. Again, you could probably just grab some generic slim keyboard and shove it in there, using one of the USB ports, its probably a good idea to have one of those ports hooked to a hub so you can allow other devices.

    Speaking of HUBs, I got the Nyko Media HUB+ and well, it only seems to power devices and not much more. I have the Driving Force GT for PS3 (the official GT5 steering wheel) and the hub fails to power it up, same with the official PlayTV Digital TV Tuner, again both devices do not work under this hub. I haven’t tried other hubs before, but it might be the general rule.

    Now I seen someone rip appart the PS2 while back and make it into a sorta PSP handheld console, it was pretty big, mind you the idea of portability was nice, that been said my ideas would probably revolve around my idea of commuting and being able to play PS3 whilst doing so.

    I’d love to hear back and see what you think about what I think, but hey, you did a great job already!

  176. lewisdeak Says:

    i would pay to have this tramsferd for my ps3 to a labtop

  177. Untitled « Hamili Blog Says:

    [...] The PS3 Slim Laptop, from The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn. [...]

  178. r4 ds Says:

    BEN HECK IS MY HERO! Seriously! This guy has MAD SKILLS! And I have no idea how the heck he pulls it all off. I want one!

  179. 40 Cool Gaming Console Case Mods | Design + Ideas on WU Says:

    [...] beat modding a PS3 into a functioning laptop. Step by step instructions to make your own PS3 Slim Laptop are on modder Ben Heck’s site. The black PS3 laptop was also created by Heck, but auctioned [...]

  180. Edward Young Says:

    i still do not which one to choose? Vacuum Tube audio amplifiers or the Transistorized ones.-`

  181. sehtime Says:

    hi im in the industrial design program here at university of houston and have a speaker project im working on, i’ve looked everywhere to find a way to add momentary switches to my speakers and you are the only person in the world that can help me, please email me on how u hooked up that digital volume control

  182. sdalkdjsa Says:

    is it possible to build a battery pack

  183. APOOKA Says:

    YOUR MOD MAKING POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000000000000000000000000000000000

  184. Sam Says:

    Could you not use all that extra X-Axis space to make a place to put the controller, so it all fits nicely into one little package?

  185. Kung Fu Says:

    hey, does the PS3 Laptop have windows 7 or vista in it? if not, it should!

  186. Tim Windsor Says:

    Hey how much does it cost to make… not the ps3 slim its self the screen/ casing. or beacause im lazy u could just give me urs

  187. Andy Says:

    If you would ever sell a PS3 slim that you made, how much would it be sold as?

  188. Jeremy Says:

    I don’t have a teak e side so how much would this $ me to put one to getter?

  189. dan Says:

    could you make a tutorial on how to make a ps3 laptop with a fat ps3?

  190. bobby Says:

    how much for the sick ass ps3 laptop

  191. michael mincy Says:


  192. Elly Northrop Says:

    OH MY GOD. can you please relese this. Because i think LOTS of people will buy it (including me) :) x

  193. IT Rush Says:

    What the heck.. is that really a PS3 gaming console?

  194. “PS3 Slim Laptop - انجمن های فصل بازی Says:

    [...] رو تیکه تیکه مینمائیم میزاریم توش :D اینم اموزش ساختش: اموزش __________________ ان کسی را که در این ملک سلیمان کردیم ملت [...]

  195. Koksi Says:

    Very nice work congratulations.
    BTW can anyone tell me in some order what values has the 4 pin cable from the PSU to the motherboard please :)

  196. Jenell Garrabrant Says:

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would genuinely benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Regards!

  197. joe jones Says:

    yo ben this ps3 laptop yous made is wicked. can you please send the full intstructions on how you made the ps3 laptop to:

    thanks mate :)

  198. Gabriel Says:

    Hey man, i liked very much. Can you make one for me? How much does it cost?

    Please, contact me, i am realy interested.

  199. buihuuthien Says:

    Mr Benheck my name is Huu Thien and I interested in you way to make a ps3 laptop can you send me your informations and details how to make it here is my email (
    I appreciate if you could sent it to me
    Thank You

  200. xavier cruz Says:

    dawg that shit is fucken badazz man

    hey how much you want , not for but
    for you to make me one ,. or you can
    posslible make a video of the making
    detail by detail i gerretine you’ll be
    the best niqqa in the world dawg…

    you can make some serious cash of making this stuff

    like say it cost you about all most $1000-$2999 just to make
    it so that means that you’ll make double the money that you spend

    Think about it I promiss you that you’ll become an a invintor

    I interested in you way to make a ps3 laptop can you send me your informations and details how to make it here is my email (
    I appreciate if you could sent it to me
    Thank You

  201. xavier cruz Says:

    ohh yea nd dont sell them to regalor people cuz then they will take your
    idea and then they will sell it to sony and get millions for so you make your desion

    and choose wizzliy

    who ever made this cool piece of equitment that you just desien for yourself

    good luck on what you’ll ganna do with this

    piece out dawg

  202. Steve O Says:

    I’d like to attempt this. Do you have the pinouts for the hdmi cable to the monitor? It’s the only part I don’t know how to accomplish.

  203. abel Says:

    can i buy the other one,that you can use on the tv….
    haw mutch….
    il geve you the money for the things that you need to make it + $1500 and if you want to make it
    for me go:

    and i want to add some stuff to it get back to me…

  204. abel Says:

    thing i want on it:

    ps3,ps3 full keyboard,ps3 600gb hard drive,head phones plug,2 usb ports,17inch 720i tv,web cam,werd internt port thing.
    + ps3 360 cont…

  205. Ratherunique Says:

    Very interested in buying one of these I have been looking for a very long time, do you sell these or know where I can purchase one?

  206. Tuesday Top Ten: Physical Gaming Mods « Retro-Ish Gaming Critic Says:

    [...] modding community, all of them functional and visually appealing.  For example, we have his PS3 Slim Laptop, which is what it sounds like—a slim-version PlayStation 3 built into a [...]

  207. Michael Says:

    I would love a tutorial for a Mac Mini (one of the new ones)!

  208. john ballard Says:

    Very nice work, ben you are my hero. wish there was more people that did things like you do.

  209. Maxx Says:

    How much to get one of these and I’m serious name a price and pay you then you can make one for me

  210. khalil Says:

    Hi i am 17 and i wanted to know i could buy one from u i have been looking but i could not find away to make one with my skill level

    Thank you

  211. burks10 Says:

    Hey, what type of plastic did you make the case out of, and where did you get it from?

  212. Mike Says:

    Hey Could you send me the plans and also how to incorporate a battery with it as well? I would be willing to pay for it.

  213. andy Says:

    how much man that is totaly sick i want 2 of them one for me and one for my bro?

  214. richard Says:

    how much

  215. Mini-news de la semaine du 16/04 au 22/04 | Mathieu PISTOL Says:

    [...] Benjamin Heckendorn, ou « Benheck » a créé une Playstation 3 portable. Vous pouvez retrouver tout le détail et la conception étape par étape de son oeuvre ici. [...]

  216. Ismael Miguel Says:

    you should re-arrange it so that you can have a usb keyboard in it…
    ps3 is compatible with usb keyboards…
    and you should keep the usb ports available, cause sometimes we want to connect a pendrive and that…

  217. ILLUMIN-X Says:

    How much and are you still making these ?..I would like to carry them on my website

  218. Jonathan Says:

    are you going to be selling the ps3 laptops??

  219. dominic fitzgerald Says:

    how much it costs to do that to my ps3,are you goona sell it in stores

  220. chinese rocket chair Says:

    Its like you read my thoughts! You seem to grasp a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you just can do with a few % to pressure the message home a little bit, however other than that, that is great blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

  221. Lewis Charlton Says:

    Have you got the routing files that you sent to the drill?

  222. 5 Crazy PS3 mods and customization around the world Says:

    [...] could read the entire procedure of how he built the laptop step by step at Benheck’s official website. It is not only very quiet but also comes with a great 17 inch screen which is required for those [...]

  223. Top 10 Modded PS3s / Gaming Blog Says:

    [...] Ben Heck takes modding to a whole other level, disassembling the hardware and making something completely new, such as this PS3 Slim Laptop with 17" LCD, speakers, volume control, and single power supply. The case was custom fabricated with a dated Sabre 408 Router. It sports plenty of vents, slots for USB ports and BluRay drive, and even a space that the power cable can coil into nicely. Learn how to make your own on Ben Heck's blog. [...]

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