Guitar Hero pedal controller in action

Aside from the 2 I built for a show back in May, the 3rd pedal demonstrated below is the first I’ve actually built by request for a customer. He knew the secret to getting a Ben project – diligent (yet not annoying) emails and patience! Plus he can play Guitar Hero on Hard, something I cannot. (Rock Band, yes)

Click here to check it out on YouTube…

In other related news the Access Controller should be arriving for shipment sometime next week… more details to come.


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  1. Kyle Says:

    Thank you Ben for your patience with me as well. My determination was evident in my e-mails, that is for sure haha. Kudos to you for going out of your way to make me a pedal. With your pedal I’ll be able to move on to expert. It is because of you that I’m beating the game and not letting it beat me.

    Great work!!!

  2. G Says:

    Awsome, Just Simply amazing.

  3. Martina Says:

    How so amazing this controller in action.

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  9. Kyle Says:

    Again I would like to thank All who have watched my video and Ben for making me a pedal. If anyone wants to see a new video of me know. I’m working on. Through the Fire and the Flames on Medium.

    Ben, you a Mod God. Pedal to the Metal!!!

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