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I’m Not Dead!

Proof-of-life photo with a juicy blue gill.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been working on a new project and it’s consumed a lot of time. But fear not, it’s really cool and I should be able to talk about it very soon.

However the podcast may have to continue to take a breather as we see how this new project affects my schedule over time.


23 Responses to “I’m Not Dead!”

  1. Josh Says:

    Thank god ur not dead! Lol. Benheck is in da house!

  2. KyleJCrb Says:

    This project wouldn’t happen to be a SEGA Bass Fishing controller conversion to turn it into a real fishing pole, would it?

  3. Edward Says:

    Glad to hear you are okay.

  4. Dreamwriter Says:

    Ah, we see what your new project is. Robotic fish!

  5. Kyosho Says:

    Yeah, kick that fish’s ass!

  6. Kyosho Says:

    It’s the most cost-effective way to torture fish really. Pull them out of the water until they’re nearly dead, then at the last second put them under and let them get a breath. It has never failed to get me the information I seek!

    Those damn sneaky fish and their secrets! THEY SHALL REVEAL EVERYTHING TO ME!

  7. hossrex Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I should totally go fishing.

  8. brandonk Says:

    He lives!!!!!!! Well not the fish hopefully lol

  9. GojiraGamer Says:

    Is that new fishing game for the natal? Looks really good.

  10. Steve M. Says:

    He’s obviously going to mod that fish into a PSP. Waterproof, no doubt.

  11. Ryan Says:

    Wow, thank god.

  12. Mary Says:

    Wow!… I have never seen a blue gill that big. Looks more like a bass. Glad you are enjoying the great Wisconsin outdoors, Ben!

  13. hossrex Says:

    Looking to make the Bill Paxton Pinball Machine more authentic?

  14. bjorno Says:

    you should be wearing a lifejacket, you never know when you will capsize!

  15. Rekarp Says:

    I am no longer living. I am dead.

  16. Terry Says:

    Your not dead your a zombie……..who also likes fish

  17. Metallica Man X Says:

    Yet you are still typing…that means…YOU’RE A GHOST! *calls the Ghostbusters*

  18. Tim Says:

    It’ll be fun to see your new project. And i cannot wait for a new Benheck podcast(SRSLY i need a need episiode :O). btw When we were fishing with some relatives in norway, one dude got an cod weithing 18 kilos. Thats a big fish:P

  19. T2Steve Says:

    Ben’s dead – this pic was obviously ‘shopped…… no way he could catch that fish :P

  20. Tim Says:


  21. spud42 Says:

    nah… Bens ok its the fish thats been photoshopped . it is obviously only 2 inches long!!! lol

  22. hossrex Says:

    Maybe Ben was just swimming around the lake, happy as can be, when that Bluegill cast his line into the water and caught a mature “Red Crowned Consolemodder”.

    What is the Matrix?

  23. Mikos Jenkins Says:

    Hey how’s it going Ben? The modding legend himself lol! I’ve sent you an email, would appreciate the response. Thanks!

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