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Bill Paxton Pinball becomes most-delayed Benheck project ever

Having been in some sort of development since spring of 2005, Bill Paxton Pinball has now become the most delayed Ben Heckendorn project ever, finally surpassing the four agonizing years it took to complete Port Washington (which is still too painful for me to watch).

Who knows when, if ever, this all custom pinball machine will ever be finished. The backglass art makes a great wall decoration, but hopefully someday we see it lit up like a Christmas tree.


17 Responses to “Bill Paxton Pinball becomes most-delayed Benheck project ever”

  1. bjorno Says:

    game over, man, game OVER

  2. AndyC. Says:

    You should probably make it a goal: Bill Paxton Pinball, lit up like a Christmas tree by Christmas-time (’09). Or enter your own year into that equation, ha.

  3. ashasaur Says:

    Well, as long as it may have taken you to make Port Washington…I still consider to be my favorite movie of all time. I definately want a sequel, and Id be willing to pony up some of your requested ONE MILLION DOLLARS to fund it.

  4. GojiraGamer Says:

    What about a Goonies Pinball machine or a Benheck pinball machine.

  5. Nightwheel Says:

    ashasaur, are you good for that $1,000,000 your offering? Because I highly doubt it

  6. hossrex Says:


    some (sm)
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    4. Unknown or unspecified by name: Some man called.
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    2. Informal Somewhat: some tired.

  7. ashasaur Says:

    @hossrex, you are correct sir! I did indeed say SOME…which could be 999,999 dollars, or 1 dollar…either qualifies as some.

  8. Hcomplyr Says:

    That back glass looks great the only issue I have with it is that the cut out on the bottom for the score screen is not the correct dimensions for the standard pinball dot-matrix display. I say go big with this and even include those crude animations and poorly rendered movie clips just like the real machines.

  9. benheck Says:

    Ash, there will never, ever, EVER be a sequel to Port Washington. Sorry…

    Hossrex, I made my own LED matrix for the display, thus the custom size.

  10. ashasaur Says:

    In the words of Darth Vader-”NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” But yeah, I already knew that…but the dream shall never die!

  11. Dylan Says:



  12. twin/tone Says:

    I don’t know. Bill Paxton is pretty cool and all, but BRUCE CAMPBELL pinball would be even awesomer!!!

  13. BiGSmitt Says:

    Aww man…. you didn’t get a screen cap from Aliens?! “Game over man, Game over”

  14. Dogten Says:

    That is so awesome. A friend of mine once met him and told him his role as Chet in Weird Science was his climax.

    -dogten, star of “Hackers Are People Too”

  15. slimjimmy Says:

    Bill Paxton Pinball Forever! Like Duke Nukem Forever, now with wall decorations!

  16. Nick C Says:

    Why not do it in Visual Pinball or Future Pinball? (or at least do it before the other goobers make it for you lol)


  17. Glenn Says:

    How about Dana Carvey pinball? Wouldn’t that be special?

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