The Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset

The “mystery product” is no longer one. With the help of eDimensional I have designed a custom USB gaming headset called the Audio FX Pro 5+1, as shown below.

Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset

This is the first Benheck branded product, plus it has an exclusive design by yours truly. Tired of headsets that all look the same (gray body+gray trim+gray interior=blah) I went for a retro feel, like something from the 40′s. These are really nice headsets, with full sized earcups that fit over your ears, not pressing against them. This is very comfortable, and also blocks external noises (ie, someone telling you to take out the trash). The Audio FX Pro 5+1 should start arrives in stores in early July. For a more information and a photo of the box, read on!

Included is a force feedback rumble – low frequencies activate internal motors which give the sound an extra “oomph”, like you’re sitting near speakers at a concert. For games it brings out the roar of engines and the bass of explosions – bringing you one step closer to being in the game. The cord is nice and long, allowing you to move around more while playing – grab a slice of pizza, slam a door shut, whatever.

It has a box designed by me and everything. Again I must thank eDimensional for allowing me to list features such as “hear the cries of dying noobs with perfect digital clarity”. Because we all know that’s what gamers want. For more information and preodering please visit the official site at

Don't be stuck in the past! (Unless it's with my portables)

Web ad I threw together for the headset. I kind of regret not working vacuum tubes into it, but oh well.


Photo of the back of the box. Click here for full-resolution, somewhat-readable version. Fun fact: the bullet holes on the box are real. I bought some leather, blasted some .45 and .22 caliber holes in it, then scanned it into the computer. Only the most authentic art for MY customers!

Includes Benheck-designed 3″ installation disc.



166 thoughts on “The Audio FX Pro 5+1 Headset”

  1. I love the headphones. But the software don’t seem to work. I’ve tried the drivers noted by Redemption and still get the blue screen of death (BSOD).

    I have never had the cracking sound everyone talks about. My problem is getting the BSOD after about 10 min of gameplay.

    I also find it disturbing that the driver software only offers 2 settings. 2 speaker and 7.1. I would think that if the Headphones are 5.1, then there should be a 5.1 setting.

    I have uninstalled the software and selected in my control panel speaker settings, 5.1 and I guess that’s about as good as it’s going to get. Once in a while, it seems the front speaker is turned off.

    In Battleground Europe, I have to turn my head left or right to hear a veh noise coming inbound.

  2. I’m back again for my third comment since my first in June 2007 and my second back in March of this year.
    The right side of the headphones is almost completely dead. It just went silent yesterday.
    There is no sound, there is no bass, there is no lights, but there IS force feedback.

    I took the unit apart to try and solve the problem (the plastic sizing band was broken anyway from repetitive stress so I figured what the hell). There is a very faint sound coming from the rumbler. I generally keep the FF off, though.
    Suffice to say I can not discover the problem, but I am considering a new headset, from a different manufacturer.

  3. Just for an update since I bought these back in June, these are working well with Windows 7. I didn’t even have to install the drivers from the headphone’s CD or website. Windows 7 seems to already have the generic drivers to run this bad boy. Great headphones.

  4. Just got the windows 7 drivers. They’re working flawlessly. If you use the older XP drivers, things aren’t going to work as expected. The Windows 7 drivers is where you need to be if on Windows 7.

  5. This headset is awesome. I first got them 3 years ago on XP, and now upgraded to the Windows 7 drivers on my new machine. I use them primarily for il-2 1946 flight sim. I’m not sure what problems you’all are having, but i’m sold on these. I’ve bought 4 sets so far, for myself and my kids…they fly with me :)

    One note though…to get them working properly i had to “un-check” a sound extension in the game setup. Before that i thought i’d made a mistake…turned out to be the game setup, not the headset.

    Mic is awesome also. My squad uses teamspeak.

  6. Geezzz…never had any popping/crackling problems…not on any of the 4 headsets.

    Nice of you to help Redemption…he’s an old air space bud from way back :)

  7. This headset is the biggest piece of trash I have ever come across. When I play a game, sometimes it gives me a loud pop, then 1 of 3 things will happen.

    1. Volume is increased by what seems like 75% causing me to almost have to throw the headset off.

    2. Loud pop then complete silence until I unplug and re-plug the headset.

    3. Loud pop, silence and no sound until I reboot.

    I seriously doubt this has anything to do with my comp. tried on win XP and win 7 32 and 64 bit. With default drivers, with redemption’s drivers, with packaged drivers, all the same results. Also I have recently replaced ALL of my hardware on the current build.

    IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING THESE, DON’T. There are several complaints all over the net with this headset, they should be recalled at the very least.

  8. I got one of these back in August of ’07. I have no problem saying this was the lowest quality piece of garbage I’ve ever bought. Lightweight, cheap, broke in about 6 or 7 places before I just gave up on it, the sound was crackly, speakers vibrated, it’s only physically stereo, not surround in any way, the leds only light at max volume, which is way too loud, the screws were stripped right out of the box, and even though I paid edimensional for shipping, when it came I had to pay another $20.

    Oh, and the mic was so quiet and distorted no matter what I did that I couldn’t use it for anything. I liked the style and colors, but it looks a lot more comfortable than it is. It will more than likely crack the sliding adjustable arms the first time you put it on, and they’ll eventually just break in half. The wire from the PC isn’t actually secured in any way either, other than a shitty knot on the other side, so the wires will break very easily and can move freely. Please don’t buy this.

    Edimensional sucks, this thing cost me $120 when I got it (including the extra shipping that I paid which just went into their pockets), and it was total garbage. Useless.

  9. Hi its me again looks like no reply forgive me if you have and i’ve misssed it i need these windows 7 64b drivers you made a vista driver please make a win 7 driver 64b hey with reference to tron yes i get that loud pop it almost blows your ear drums also the end of the mic keeps coming off apart fom that these headsets are excellent but now ive upgraded to win 7 64b i cant use them so ive had to go buy new ones so it was £50 odd quid for only a few months so if you intend on staying on xp or vista dont upgrade to win 7

  10. Well after having 4 of these headset over the last 4 years, i still wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’m not having any of the problems, other than turning down system and game volumes do to their power, that are described here.

    graham, I can’t remember the link where i got the win 7 software and drivers. It is out there, however i’m running on win 7 32-bit.

  11. I have had these headphones for a while now an I love them.

    However, i just started doing some desktop recording and I have one major complaint. The sounds levels for the speakers are TERRIBLE for these headphones. I cannot have them at more that 1-6% because they get too loud. Unfortunately, when using FRAPS I have to have the headset as my default sound device and there aren’t other ways to dampen other peoples voices without having them sink so low in the recording that they fall below my ambient room noise in the recording.

    Quite terrible.

    Is there a way to fix this? Anyone with a solution please contact me at bluefin (at) tunagaming (dot) com


    Just don’t use the software. Your current system sound management will do just fine–you don’t need the software that comes with the headset–in fact–run away from it—there is no fix.

    Uninstall all that crappy software that came on that disc, and everything will work just fine.

    I hope that helps

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