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UPDATE: Yippee, once again my site has been crashed! And that’s even before the new mod I have coming soon… As for the price of this mod, well, it’s a lot. When I do the second one it’ll be easier and I’ll have a better idea, but definately still hundreds of dollars at least. Plus I am kind of busy and won’t likely have time to do many more anyway. Sigh. Maybe I can do a How-To for Engadget on it?

Done on consignment, it’s quite obviously PS3 Sixaxis controller guts in the [much better shaped] Xbox 360 controller shell. Check out a video of this thing in action, and see below for more photos and details of how it was constructed.

Demo Video, iPod sized

Demo Video, Legacy MPG format

Truly one of the stranger requests I’ve had for a project (the person actually ordered 2, this is the first of them), but hey, if you’ve got the money I’ve got the time.

An early test of the guts. I’ve rewired many a Sony controller in the past, but it’s always good to check if things are working. Of course this time I’ll have to deal with the “analog” L2 and R2 buttons of the Sixaxis…

A better view of the main PCB in the Sixaxis. Amazingly, it’s exactly the same shape and size as a Dual Shock board. The actual “tilt” device is a little IC at the end of a cord, not much too look at. On the original Sixaxis / Dual Shock most of the trigger buttons are on a plastic sheet set against a separate plastic frame, much like a keyboard is inside. Again I say, why didn’t they update the controller this time? I mean, a REAL change? It’s getting pretty pathetic…

If Sony made cars.


Here’s the inside of the 360 shell. As you can see I’ve used standard-issue Radio Shack perfboard for both the action buttons and the left analog stick. OK the Sixaxis is a little different, it uses slightly smaller analog sticks than the Dual Shock or Xbox 360. Well, they’re smaller on the inside at least, kind of like the Gamecube.

The controller shell with the circuit board and new tact switches for the d-pad visible. Unfortunately I had to keep the wanky 360 d-pad, oh well.

Here’s the insides finished and ready to go. The Sixaxis battery has been taken out of its shell and crammed into the back battery area of the 360 controller. The left and right analog sticks from the 360 are kept stock and a resistor adjusts them to work with the PS3. It may not look like much but there was a good deal of finangling to get everything to fit and work correctly, especially the right analog stick. (Left at its original position on the PCB, but lifted .075″)

The top/back of the unit. The USB cable plugs in where the Charge and Play port used to be. Luckily the Microsoft hologram sticker is there, letting you know at least the case plastic is genuine.

A closer view of the buttons. Unlike Sony’s Sixaxis I took the effort to use a COLOR “PS” logo, thank you very much. The action buttons “more or less” fit the holes in the 360 controller, a little shaving on their sides sealed the deal. I should just graft an X-Acto knife to my arm, I use them enough.

Another view of the top. The USB cable plugs in a little off center, but I can live with it. In the video you can see the Ring of Light with the new red LED’s… sure to strike fear into Xbox 360 owners the world over!

Well that’s about all I have to say about this mod/hack. I’d best get back to some other projects, so I’ll see you all later!

227 thoughts on “PS360 Controller”

  1. anyone notice there seems to be a lack of rumble and the abxy buttons have clicking buttons instead of the conductive rubber pads?

  2. Freaking awesome! I was gonna try this but for a PS2 controller instead. Might make things like MGS3 and Resi Outbreak easier!

  3. My son wants one. He likes his Xbox controller much better than the PS3 controller that he has. He wants to be able to play PS3 games using an X-Box controller.

  4. I know you made one, where its an xbox 360 meat inside the ps3 controller shell. You made one for wingsofredemption. Yes? If so id like to buy the exact one of the one he bought. I will pay 250 CAD

  5. where did you get the playstation logo for where the xbox dashboard button goes ?

  6. Hey, I’m trying to do it myself and not working loll. butt if I was to buy one from you how much you wan’t for one? email me back please. and thank you.

  7. Please get back to me I really want one of these PS360 controllers. Let me know if/when/cost of you making one for me. I have both controllers. Thanks.

  8. This controller looks interesting can you make one in black and can they be used wirelessly?

  9. The mod requires:

    1 Sixaxis – $60
    1 360 Controller – $60
    Lots of time – $100+

    I question how many of you are still in the market for one…

  10. How much would it cost to get one of these puppies made? I just now discovered I’m not as horrible at Call of Duty as I thought, it’s my controller. Played MW3 on my friend’s 360 and we made it to wave 20 in survival. The 360 controller feels so much more natural than the PS controller. And this is coming from a long time PS user.

  11. hi, i would like to buy a custom black xbox controller for PS3 and if you can make a mod switch or just revers the R1-R2, L1-L2 so that games like call of duty would retain the same functions on 360. i would be very grateful. contact me and we can asap please.

    note, i sent this in December 5, 2011, its been years since you have worked on this, i hope you still up to do it again.

  12. That’s just switching the controllers around, how’s that impressive?? I have both an xbox 360 and ps3 and still think the ps3 is controller is smoother cause it’s smaller and less dinky. A lot more comfortable.

  13. @yep

    If it were as simple as “switching controllers” shells around everyone would be doing it. As for your preference for PS3 controllers that’s great, I on the other hand (like many others) much prefer the 360 controller with its analogue stick placement and much, much better trigger buttons.

    Plus I like the fact I can replace the battery when they run out of power, with battery packs or even AA batteries. Whereas with the PS3 if the battery ever fails to retain charge you are either stuck with a wired one or you basically have to replace the whole controller…

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