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PS360 Controller

UPDATE: Yippee, once again my site has been crashed! And that’s even before the new mod I have coming soon… As for the price of this mod, well, it’s a lot. When I do the second one it’ll be easier and I’ll have a better idea, but definately still hundreds of dollars at least. Plus I am kind of busy and won’t likely have time to do many more anyway. Sigh. Maybe I can do a How-To for Engadget on it?

Done on consignment, it’s quite obviously PS3 Sixaxis controller guts in the [much better shaped] Xbox 360 controller shell. Check out a video of this thing in action, and see below for more photos and details of how it was constructed.

Demo Video, iPod sized

Demo Video, Legacy MPG format

Truly one of the stranger requests I’ve had for a project (the person actually ordered 2, this is the first of them), but hey, if you’ve got the money I’ve got the time.

An early test of the guts. I’ve rewired many a Sony controller in the past, but it’s always good to check if things are working. Of course this time I’ll have to deal with the “analog” L2 and R2 buttons of the Sixaxis…

A better view of the main PCB in the Sixaxis. Amazingly, it’s exactly the same shape and size as a Dual Shock board. The actual “tilt” device is a little IC at the end of a cord, not much too look at. On the original Sixaxis / Dual Shock most of the trigger buttons are on a plastic sheet set against a separate plastic frame, much like a keyboard is inside. Again I say, why didn’t they update the controller this time? I mean, a REAL change? It’s getting pretty pathetic…

If Sony made cars.


Here’s the inside of the 360 shell. As you can see I’ve used standard-issue Radio Shack perfboard for both the action buttons and the left analog stick. OK the Sixaxis is a little different, it uses slightly smaller analog sticks than the Dual Shock or Xbox 360. Well, they’re smaller on the inside at least, kind of like the Gamecube.

The controller shell with the circuit board and new tact switches for the d-pad visible. Unfortunately I had to keep the wanky 360 d-pad, oh well.

Here’s the insides finished and ready to go. The Sixaxis battery has been taken out of its shell and crammed into the back battery area of the 360 controller. The left and right analog sticks from the 360 are kept stock and a resistor adjusts them to work with the PS3. It may not look like much but there was a good deal of finangling to get everything to fit and work correctly, especially the right analog stick. (Left at its original position on the PCB, but lifted .075″)

The top/back of the unit. The USB cable plugs in where the Charge and Play port used to be. Luckily the Microsoft hologram sticker is there, letting you know at least the case plastic is genuine.

A closer view of the buttons. Unlike Sony’s Sixaxis I took the effort to use a COLOR “PS” logo, thank you very much. The action buttons “more or less” fit the holes in the 360 controller, a little shaving on their sides sealed the deal. I should just graft an X-Acto knife to my arm, I use them enough.

Another view of the top. The USB cable plugs in a little off center, but I can live with it. In the video you can see the Ring of Light with the new red LED’s… sure to strike fear into Xbox 360 owners the world over!

Well that’s about all I have to say about this mod/hack. I’d best get back to some other projects, so I’ll see you all later!


227 Responses to “PS360 Controller”

  1. Jongamer Says:

    If I was ever going to get a PS3, I would definatly get one of those.

  2. jedi knight Says:

    Freakin sweet!

  3. Harshboy Says:

    It’s Hideous!!!!!!

    lol, Great job Ben! That’s pretty awesome. The 360 Controller wins in the Next-Gen Controllers

  4. technabob Says:

    ben heck’s ps360 sixaxis controller…

    Console modder extraordinaire Ben Heck is at it again. This time, he’s carefully taken the guts of the Playstation 3’s SIXAXIS controller and sandwiched them inside of an Xbox 360’s wireless controller.

    There’s something that&#…

  5. Paul Strauss Says:


    Another fine job. Keep up the good work!

  6. fil Says:

    Wow Ben, you always do such amazing work. I can’t wait for the black 360 controllers! Those would make some sweet PS3 controllers, no doubt!

  7. rothgar Says:

    How much did those cost? I have been thinking about doing this myself for a while now but I don’t think I have the technical abilities to do it. I would especially like to do it with some of the black 360 controllers as someone else mentioned.

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  9. Alex Says:

    How much for 1-2 controllers? My bro wants to get a PS but I hate the controller design so much its the reason I don’t have a PS.

  10. Crazy Asylum Says:

    thats the best looking playstation accessory i’ve ever seen

    whats next a ps3 in a 360 case?

  11. Nielk1 Says:

    I wish I had a PS3. Then again, my favorit game, Ace Combat, jumped ship…

    I have a small collection of ps2 controllers.

  12. Serviam Says:

    Ben, you are a genious! That is exactly what Im looking for to be able to play my PS3. I love the 360 controller and think the dualshock/sixaxis is inacurate and non-ergonomic. Great job mate!

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  14. Anti-Ben Says:

    Can you make the same thing reverse, I mean a XBOX360 controler in an sixaxis-case?

  15. Anti-Ben Says:

    or a deviese that is both together, i mean an 360 AND a ps3 controler at the same time?

  16. Mike Says:

    LOVE what you did. Looks GREAT!!

    How much whould you charge for something like that?? I’d love to have one….please let me know.

  17. Ramon Says:


  18. Reddog375 Says:

    Can see someone making a killing doing this for people when they release the black controller with the Elite….

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  22. argieX Says:

    Good work :-)

    What value resistor did you use for the shoulder triggers, and do they work fully analog ?

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  24. Cormyre Says:

    Looks awesome!

    I would want one for my PS3 but I prefer the dpad of a PS controller =P I suck using the dpad from the 360 controller in fighting games… or is it I just suck? =o

  25. bnvbnv Says:

    # Harshboy Says:
    April 14th, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    It’s Hideous!!!!!!

    lol, Great job Ben! That’s pretty awesome. The 360 Controller wins in the Next-Gen Controllers

    NO! The wii controller won outright.

  26. Mr Eibmoz Says:

    I would absolutly buy one of these! :D

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  29. Sirius99 Says:

    Are you ‘selling’ these mate?

  30. Grant Says:

    I’d definitely be interested in picking up at least one of those for myself. Are you throwing around any possible pricing to have this done? Or possibly putting up a DIY guide?

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  32. rob Says:

    Mr. heckendorn strikes again. This one is pretty wierd, but hey, so are sony. Lol at the car.

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  34. Lucas Says:

    It would be nice to see a black one of those… Like the one from Xbox 360 Elite!
    I would surely get one or two!

  35. Christian Says:

    How much for one of these? and can you do it the other way? or so it works for both systems?

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  37. Si Says:

    Ummm, wouldn’t be better to just invest in an Xbox360? I mean you’ll get the fully functional WIRELESS controller, the better console for sure, access to better online service, just a better all around product for less. This is just another notch proving that the 360 is far superior than what Sony has to offer. Look at it for what it is really worth.

  38. Jackass Jones Says:

    great 4kin’ job man. thumbs up!

  39. ben Says:

    thats awesome ,how much would it cost me to get two of those?Please let me know.

  40. urabob Says:

    Amazing! I would buy one of these in a heart beat. I hate the PS3 controller. Everything about it is an afterthought.

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  43. ps2rocks Says:

    man i was really going to do just that and now you stole my idea oh well it looks great maybe you should put a 360 controller in to the ps3 controller

  44. ee Says:


  45. parker Says:

    ok i guess i will ask
    *( how much does it cost for you to do that for me )*
    *(if I provide the 360 controller and the sixaxis controller)*

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  47. whackMushrooms Says:

    how much for one of these?

  48. mitch Says:

    You are God

  49. SOMEBODY Says:

    that′s pretty sweet, ben! i loove its oober ieetness! you should mass produce these!

  50. benheck Says:

    Another advantage is that PS3 owners can practice with a 360 controller for when they end up buying a 360. Oooo burn!

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  53. Rekarp Says:

    Awsome Ben. Since I to hate the PS3 controller I was thinking of just swapping the D-pad with the Analog stick but this idea is much better.

  54. salvage Says:

    I’ve been dreaming of this, if you ever decide to take orders I will buy one or two.

    I hate hate hate the way the Sixaxis feels after playing some 360, my hands cramp like crazy and I will happily pay to prevent that.

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  56. MadPoet Says:

    Hate to play the capitalist pig, but you should make another one and put it on eBay. You’d make a killing. Heck, you could make a whole string of them until the price evened out.

  57. YourNameHere004 Says:

    please please PLEASE publish a “how to” guide for this….either that or put a price and mass produce this masterpiece!!! its totally obvious that theres so many people that wanna get one of these (myself being one). these are so awesome!! i have a ps3, but i hate using the shitty R2/L2 buttons on the sixaxis. xbox has the best controller on the market, and with your help, so can the ps3. can you help us all out? how much would you charge for these and how long did the first one take to make?

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  62. atari2600a Says:

    What with the lack of Alt-attributes on the images? That was *always* the best part….

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  68. SgtBowhack Says:

    D’oh, and you could’ve used these!
    Certainly more cost effective than butchering a REAL 360 controller :)

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  71. Fable Says:

    Wow! That is incredible! Now if only I could get my hands on one of those… ;)

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  75. Nightwheel Says:

    That belongs in the Smithsonian Institution Dude because that is COOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Nightwheel Says:

    ee Says:

    April 15th, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    Hey ee you are a idiot and you must like nintendo’s so muct to dis his controler like that!!!! Now go play your Wii and leave him alone Jerk!!!!

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  80. Anonymous Says:

    About the 360′s dpad there is a fix you can do. Just go to the above website.

  81. MattB Says:

    Dude, pretty cool, but you missed a step:

  82. Dan Says:

    does it work wirelessly?

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  85. Doan Says:

    Pretty nice job Ben.

    I’m handicapped and having trouble using the PS3 joypad, but the 360 joypad is almost perfect for me.

    It would be very nice to have a HOW TO DO guide.

  86. evopanop Says:

    Ben, PLEASE post a how-to on this sometime soon! :D I really want to do this mod to my PS3 controllers.

  87. Smitty Says:

    Put me in for another vote for pricing information and/or a “How to” guide.

    Now that you know what you’re doing, how long/difficult is this actually to do. I got the feeling that some of this mod was challenging initially, which caused the price to go up substantially.

  88. Geek Speak Radio » GSR #83 Says:

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  89. James Eli Wyatt Says:

    1 word, awesome. This project reminds me of when I tinkered with PS2 and N64 controllers. Unfortunately for me I’m disabled and the PS controller joysticks are too close together for me to adaquitly use. I wish I knew a way to get in touch with you because I am definitely interested in putting an order in for a black PS360 controller. If you get in touch with me you’ve got a definite sell. Kudos.

  90. asgfe Says:


  91. jim Says:

    yo, ben i need one of those. but, i got one different thing to add.

  92. Kevin Says:

    Hi my name is Kevin Chilton and I was wundering if you would be
    able ot make me one of your PS360 Controller for the PS3 because I’m
    disabled and having trouble using the PS3 Controller, but the 360
    Controller is almost perfect for me if so what would be the price
    for the Controller.

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  95. jim Says:

    i want one of those… in black tho… shiny black… tht would be cool… :) nice one there

  96. robert connelly Says:


  97. noel o donnell Says:

    i would like to buy 2 for i am a disable gamer and can only use the xbox but have a ps3 i would like to know how much it would cost and i might buy another so many freinds dont like the ps3 controller,

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  99. MaNaMal Says:

    Ben I would def likee to buy one of these – how do I go about it?

    Maybe I could help market it in UK :)

    Although I definately miss my xbox controller now I have a PS3 – find myself going back to the old xbox just for the hell of it..

    Help me out here man – ebay or something..


  100. randomnut Says:

    I would also be very very keen to buy some of these!

  101. Mike Says:

    I, too, am a disabled gamer. I can play any game on the 360 (even if I stink), but I am severely limited to my selection on the PS3. I really hope this hack can be mass marketed. I can’t tell you how many people, disabled and not, really want this hack for themselves, as I do.

    So, is this a dream come true for some disabled gamers, or torture seeing our dream so close but not yet reachable?

  102. BRAD Says:

    hi i think ur clever 4 doin tht n i wud like it if u left ur email on here coz i wud like to buy a controller of u

  103. BRAD Says:

    can u send me an email to brad–

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  108. crazy_croat9 Says:

    how much would it cost for 2 controllers that is sooo cool

  109. crazy_croat9 Says:

    i just read the top

  110. raskass Says:

    Can you use a PS3 controller on a xbox 360 ?

  111. mathieu Says:

    I WANT ONE…seriously made one for me and contact me

  112. Merijn Says:

    I want one too!!

    How much is it?
    Seems like you could sell a whole lot of them since demand looks to be very high! :)

  113. Steve Says:

    Im a disabled gamer who has used the 360 controller successfully since launch. ive bought a ps3 this week and cant use the PS3 controllers left stick because my dodgy left hand.

    Is there any way to order one of these as my PS3 is useless at the moment. Custom job, tutorial or anything so i can use this console.

    Pretty please with cherrys on top….

  114. Ikuru Says:

    Personaly I can not Use the siaxis… It works OK for some games but for demanding games like car games etc the ergonomics are WORTHLESS! slippery concave L2 R2 buttons small and twisted handles etc…

    I suggest buy this for now…

    untill someone builds the xbox ergonomy on the ps3 cus sony will not Listen I think….

  115. Michael Nolan Says:

    Help me! I bought your product on the internet fro $17.00, and somehow it didn’t load. Can you help me
    retrieve what I bought on 3/31/08? My telephone number is 614-565-2810.

  116. Billy Boy Says:

    Awesome work, ill buy some if you made more.
    Maybe 80$?
    Great work, keep good work.

  117. KevinSano Says:

    I wonder if I can fit a DualShock 2 in a Gamecube shell…

  118. PS3 ROCKER Says:

    LOL this ROCKS!!!!! How much do these cost, i did 1 before, it wrked bt it woz kinda shit cos i didn’t get da finangling just rite, i’d def buy 1 bt how much do dey cost?????

  119. Mark Says:

    Ben do you have you a hack to take ps2 dualshock and put it into a ps3 one? Anways class product. Will maybee try this as it seems easy enough, but it takes imagination and time to figure out how to do these things so good work

  120. josh Says:

    r u selling these?? good job

  121. Ian Says:

    does it really work????

  122. mark Says:

    Ben does this thing have rumble? Also any hacks to stick dualshock 2 in ps3conroller? It would be good and simple.

  123. michael Says:

    How can I get one of the ps360 controllers can I buy one from you and how much would it cost.

  124. sadas Says:

    This isn’t a controller..

    This is art (H)

  125. xbox modded controller Says:

    [...] [...]

  126. G Says:

    I Want one, how can i get my hands on one of these fantasic creations?

  127. Si Says:

    Cool. But I want a Gamecube controller in an Xbox 360 controller shell. Or a Wiimote. See if you can build THAT!

  128. thanvar Says:

    wow!! i may be late but all i can say is…WOW
    Well, my email address is and i desperately need 2 of those as well…
    if you (mastermind Ben) want to make extra cash just mail me.
    thanks in advance!

  129. Brian Says:

    Hey Ben! Wow…how are these NOT for sale on Ebay. LOL Let me know if you start selling these, I’d glady pay the price!

  130. Kyle Says:

    Are these for sale? I want one. The only reason why I don’t buy games for my PS3 is because I can’t stand the controller! Right now I use the 360 for games, and the PS3 for movies.

  131. Jim Says:

    I want one of them ! Please, I’m ready to pay !

  132. stefan Says:

    wow i would really want this, i think the ps3 controller sucks! by judging what people are saying here i believe this guy will have alot to do to satisfy everybody, clearily theres a market for this controlller something for the aftermarket makers to think about..

  133. HorizonShadow Says:

    i’ve been thinking of doing this…i just dunno how to, basically all you do is switch the chip thinger right?.. >.>

  134. Joe Says:

    Seriously man, that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and exactly what I’ve been looking for!!!! How much would it cost to custom order one? I would pay good money for one of those! Please e-mail me!

  135. ali Says:

    how much to do this i got a spare 360 controller laying around and i can use my ps3 controller email me for priceeeeeeeeeeeeee plzz

  136. moka. Says:

    publish it! you’ll gain a lots of money^^
    i would buy one. i would have done one in black ;)

  137. Matt E Says:

    Really need one please how much ready to pay.

  138. xanodia Says:

    yo send me a price ima gramer who plays with his feet and a controlller like thats is frikn perfect email me price m8

  139. M1G60 Says:

    Hey..! What is your price to make this ps360 controller. I’m very interressing by this controller! :P

  140. Robert Says:

    Wow this is what I and my friends have been looking for.

    I am sure you will be overwhelmed with requests to have these made for people.

    So instead of requesting to have this built by you I would like to ask if you can you supply
    more detailed step by step process and diagrams?

    Thank you very much for your time.

  141. 360-4U Says:

    Yes, the 360-controller is better shaped, the PS3 controller is a bit too “edgy”.

  142. James Says:

    I have been looking for an answer to the clunky ps3 controller and I came across your mod. Please get back to me with some price info and a time frame.

  143. Dave Says:

    I’d love to order one of these!

  144. Can you get a better controller for the PS3? Says:

    [...] that seems to be my findings too. Looks like some chap does em but for a few hundred dollars lol: The Official Site of Benjamin J Heckendorn [...]

  145. Microsoft Xbox360 » Blog Archive » Controllers modded specifically for Gears, Halo, etc [Update] Says:

    [...] have existed for many years, going all the way back to the NES, and controller mods for the 360 are nothing new. But having a turbo button (among many other things) modded into what looks like a standard [...]

  146. Sony PS3 » Blog Archive » Introducing the PS360 controller! I want one! Says:

    [...] bad-boys. I would only make one modification: paint the whole thing piano gloss black. Awesome. Here’s the step-by-step creation of the controller. And here’s a clip of the thing in [...]

  147. AngryAbraham Says:

    GOD I SAY!

    Yo man, that shit is sweet, I own a 360 and a PS3 and by far the 360s controllers are way more comfortable. If I had money and you wanted to sell them man I’d deffinetly get one. Stay brutal.

  148. diagorus Says:

    wow, now ps3 users can enjoy the craptastic controller experience of the 360. Now if only i could get my ps3 controllers working for my 360, I could actually play fighting games with it.

  149. SURSIO Says:

    i don´t know write english but i´ll say you one thing
    you are the fucking “amo” please check your spanish dictyonari

  150. Ryan Price Says:


  151. Alex Says:

    Just play a fucking xbox 360

  152. klops Says:

    hey i was wondering how much they cost cus if i had 2 id definatley get a ps3 tomoroz

  153. Says:

    u wish u had one of this babys u ps3 punks hahahahahahahahahha ahahahhhha ahahahhaha

  154. dmfua Says:

    can you make an 360 controller into a ps3 controller?

  155. Says:

    yes i can, but i dont wanna play with a fuckin ps3 pad

  156. Lewdvalor Says:

    This is pure genius!!! Do you also have instructions on making a PS3 pad work for the 360? I prefer to use the PS3 pad over the 360 any day. Unfortunately I have a 360.

  157. Flynt Says:

    How do I get one of these????? How much?

  158. Al Says:

    Please email me how much to get one of this? Thanks

  159. Roland Says:

    I was hoping you were actually selling these, or actually a dualshock 3 controller inside a 360 controller’s case, as I just got a PS3 and the tiny controller with awkward stick positions is getting on my nerves (and cramping my hands) far too much.

  160. JPR Says:

    How can I get a PS360 Controller?

  161. Joddat Says:

    I could use one or two of these, if you could email me and let me know the price, that’d be awesome!

  162. Nate Says:

    I’ve been a PS3 guy, jus bought a 360 as well. Hate the 360 controller, nothing against it. Just not used to it. So i know im the 39483948384 person to ask…..are you taking orders ?

  163. My 'PS360' controller - Says:

    [...] to fit a PS3 dualshock into an Xbox 360 wireless controller. A similar pad has been made before by Ben Heck using a non-rumble PS3 sixaxis controller, but with no disrespect to his fine work I wasn’t keen on [...]

  164. randoof Says:

    sorry that should have been

  165. jarrod lyons Says:

    ben heck I love your ps360 controller that you made I would like to buy one you can reach me on my email which is

  166. avit1 Says:

    Do you know when “how to make the PS3360 controller” will be put up onto utube?…..please hurry!

  167. Dylan Says:

    hey I want controller would you buy me the price to mail thank-you in advance

  168. Marietta DUI Says:

    Thats amazing how you created that.. You are a genius.. I was looking at some of your other stuff its amazing. I couldn’t even create one of those controllers after following all the instructions..

  169. Rose VII Says:

    This would be perfect, I was wondering if there was a mod like this, and you did it! The reason why I’m so interested is because, I can’t use any other controller except the 360 because of my messed up left hand, I have to use my palm to move the left stick and my pinky to use the left shoulder buttons and my right hands thumb to use the D-Pad, so, PS3 games was out of the question, but this would help a lot! Great job Sir!

  170. mads Says:

    can i buy one or two of those?

  171. dan87 Says:

    you have taken the holly grail and put a crappy Microsoft shell on it !!!!!

  172. How I See Things | allan corbett - the two of hearts Says:

    [...] still see XYAB as Triangle, Circle, X and Square. Interestingly, it does actually exist as a hacked together piece of kit by Ben Heck who seems to do rather incredible things when it comes to redesigning consoles and [...]

  173. Project #4: Triangle. Circle. Square. Submissions Says:

    [...] it does actually exist as a hacked together piece of kit by Ben Heck who seems to do rather incredible things when it comes to redesigning consoles and [...]

  174. Alfonso Says:

    I want one. how much?

  175. mike21clio Says:

    i am very interested in buying 1 or 2 please contact me.

  176. Scafacynator Says:

    Oh my god! your a real Sensei man!!
    i think your gonna be busy because i’m also intersted in buying one.
    please contact me too

  177. Joe Says:

    i need this please contact me

  178. R1NCEW1ND Says:

    Just curious, can this be done the other way around?

    I laugh when I read how one controller is better then the other, in regards to usability, and then how some even try to quantify it. The reality is controller feel is personal to the user. I prefer the PS3 (PS1/Ps2) due to it’s size and shape. I just manage to squeeze the 360 controller out of my grip constantly.

    So, can 360 guts be shoved in a PS3 case?

  179. wayne Says:

    i want one of those controllers email me and tell me how i can get my hands on 1 pay what ever in reason

  180. Alice Says:

    I need one of these for my son for Christmas!! Help! Please point me in the right direction!! Thank you!

  181. CombatC0w Says:

    Interested in pricing. If we provide the hardware does that help the price? Thanks!

  182. Fredrik Says:

    PLease make one to me . i got all the parts for it :D



  183. Manni Says:

    can i use the ps360 controller without a cable??
    I mean that i can use the controller about wireless??

  184. Jared Digby Says:

    I need one because I can no longer use a PS3 controller it’s too small hard to hold thumbs slip off thumbsticks… I’m losing fine motor skills:-( I have A-T goto

  185. Josh Marchant Says:

    Hi… I’ve searched for hours to try and find a guide this Ben, and i can’t find 1! Just wondering whether you could send me one via email. Either way it would be appreciated if you could let me know. Thanks

  186. josh poff Says:

    hey i wanna buy one of those ps360 controllers please get back at me at

  187. DEREK RAINES Says:


  188. Jake Says:

    I am interested in buying one! Please email me at

  189. Trey Says:

    Yo, thats really live!! If I was to buy one, can you tell me how much would it be but first since u created it, how long will it last and is it full ganrunteed or my money BACK?

  190. Dave Says:


    I know that a lot of people are asking you for this controller. I would like to purchase one too but was wondering if the action on the R1 and L1 could be switched to the R2 and L2? If this can be done, can you do it? I would seriously like to purchase one if you could. Please hit me back and let me know if you can or not. Thanks man.

  191. PS3 Exclusives - Page 2 - Xbox 360 Forum Says:

    [...] The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn IDK how good you are at modding but that looks fairly easy. __________________ To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. [...]

  192. Nick Says:

    How much? I will buy!!!

  193. Dom Says:


    How much for them?

  194. Using an Xbox 360 controller on a PS3 - - Says:

    [...] ..I wish I had it. __________________ [...]

  195. Dark Says:

    I’d much rather have it the other way around, to be honest. I really prefer the shape and feel of the Sony controller. Very nice work though, much better than anything I can do.

  196. PS3 online ID - Page 3 Says:

    [...] or i could pay a buttload of cash for this guy to mod the the ps3 controller into a xbox one The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn [...]

  197. Tommy Says:

    Wondering if there is a price on this or a step by step on the process to do it yourself?

  198. DasXero Says:

    # Crazy Asylum Says:
    April 14th, 2007 at 11:20 pm

    thats the best looking playstation accessory i’ve ever seen

    whats next a ps3 in a 360 case?
    I literally spit out my soda when I saw that! rofl. That would be near impossible, and the ps3 would overheat way more.
    Anyways I love this idea, especially with the black xbox360 controllers, I would put the ps3 controller in there, than do a rapid fire mod, a LED mod, a battery mod (if there is one, for more battery power, etc.), bit of color mods/paints, than mix little bits of the ps3 controller with the xbox360 controller (make it look more uniform I guess), add different analog sticks, buttons, and replace triggers with ps2 triggers. It would be the controller every little kid would want :P
    Also for some of the people looking for the how to guide it is here:

    Good Luck,

  199. PS3 Style, 360 controller? (I plan on swapping guts) Says:

    [...] • View topic – 3PS60 Controller, Wired 360 controller in PS3 shell And the opposite. The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn IIIVIR: Reply With Quote + Reply to Thread [...]

  200. An alternative to a wheel? Says:

    [...] I don’t know if anyone else does, but you could. It’s an old mod now that I’ll certainly be doing when I inevitably get a PS3. [...]

  201. did anyone notice? Says:

    anyone notice there seems to be a lack of rumble and the abxy buttons have clicking buttons instead of the conductive rubber pads?

  202. NYKO Raven PS3 Controller Preview « Gaming Thoughts from the Dark Side Says:

    [...] now to solve the problem your option either consisted of ordering a custom-built controller from Ben Heck or hope you could find a USB PC controller that would work halfway decent. NYKO Raven PS3 [...]

  203. Sebastian Sellers Says:

    where can one buy one of these controllers?

  204. well done! Says:


  205. chasu Says:

    where can i purchase one of your creation of the ps360 controller? very interested

  206. Market Research « Ozziebond’s Blog Says:

    [...] [...]

  207. roza Says:

    Freaking awesome! I was gonna try this but for a PS2 controller instead. Might make things like MGS3 and Resi Outbreak easier!

  208. Jordan Says:

    can i buy one ben heck

  209. Mitchell Davis Says:

    My son wants one. He likes his Xbox controller much better than the PS3 controller that he has. He wants to be able to play PS3 games using an X-Box controller.

  210. Jordan C Says:

    I know you made one, where its an xbox 360 meat inside the ps3 controller shell. You made one for wingsofredemption. Yes? If so id like to buy the exact one of the one he bought. I will pay 250 CAD

  211. Mr. Resistor Says:

    The rare toy for the ultimate gamer! There is only ONE available.
    Coming to Ebay soon.
    Pictures can be seen at

  212. andy robinson :) Says:

    where did you get the playstation logo for where the xbox dashboard button goes ?

  213. Dylan Says:

    Hey, I’m trying to do it myself and not working loll. butt if I was to buy one from you how much you wan’t for one? email me back please. and thank you.

  214. iPuRe_BLiiTzZz (PSN) Says:

    do the xbox a,b,y,x fit in the ps3 controller exactly???????

  215. OUTFORWAR Says:

    i have money in hand for a ps3 remote i can use on xbox. does ben view these posts? contact me.

  216. Mike Says:

    Please get back to me I really want one of these PS360 controllers. Let me know if/when/cost of you making one for me. I have both controllers. Thanks.

  217. Jason Says:

    This controller looks interesting can you make one in black and can they be used wirelessly?

  218. jacob Says:

    hey can anyone tell me that will the xbox chatpad work with this?

  219. Brandon Says:

    The mod requires:

    1 Sixaxis – $60
    1 360 Controller – $60
    Lots of time – $100+

    I question how many of you are still in the market for one…

  220. Justin Says:

    How much would it cost to get one of these puppies made? I just now discovered I’m not as horrible at Call of Duty as I thought, it’s my controller. Played MW3 on my friend’s 360 and we made it to wave 20 in survival. The 360 controller feels so much more natural than the PS controller. And this is coming from a long time PS user.

  221. Desmond Says:

    hi, i would like to buy a custom black xbox controller for PS3 and if you can make a mod switch or just revers the R1-R2, L1-L2 so that games like call of duty would retain the same functions on 360. i would be very grateful. contact me and we can asap please.

    note, i sent this in December 5, 2011, its been years since you have worked on this, i hope you still up to do it again.

  222. PS3 Sixaxis Dualshock Controller Modded Into an Xbox 360 Controller! | Modded Controllers Says:

    [...] looks pretty cool with the Playstion Triangle Square X and Circle buttons in place.  Check out Ben Hecks Blog Here VN:F [1.9.13_1145]please wait…Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)VN:F [1.9.13_1145]Rating: 0 (from 0 [...]

  223. XenGi Says:

    I definitely want two of these! Do you accept any orders?

  224. yep Says:

    That’s just switching the controllers around, how’s that impressive?? I have both an xbox 360 and ps3 and still think the ps3 is controller is smoother cause it’s smaller and less dinky. A lot more comfortable.

  225. PS360: Microsoft Controller, Meet Sony Controller | Gizmodo Australia Says:

    [...] Hack Page [via gearfuse] [...]

  226. David S.H Says:


    If it were as simple as “switching controllers” shells around everyone would be doing it. As for your preference for PS3 controllers that’s great, I on the other hand (like many others) much prefer the 360 controller with its analogue stick placement and much, much better trigger buttons.

    Plus I like the fact I can replace the battery when they run out of power, with battery packs or even AA batteries. Whereas with the PS3 if the battery ever fails to retain charge you are either stuck with a wired one or you basically have to replace the whole controller…

  227. Playstation 4 Says:

    [...] that they just stuck with for some reason. If I ever did get a PS3 I was always going to create a PS360 controller. ____________________________ Reply With Quote « Euro Truck [...]

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