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Podcast Episode 17 – Hollywood and the Wii Get Both Barrels

If you’re a die-hard fan of either the studio system or Nintendo’s latest legal cash printer this might be a good podcast to skip. We’re covering Hollywood’s recent stupid trends (such as Jim Carrey-less sequels, super-late franchise sequels, Angelina Jolie) and then comment on why we think the Wii could ultimately be bad for gaming should it somehow take first place. Kind of an overly negative podcast in general, but isn’t it more fun to listen to people complain than it is to hear gushing praise?

Now, about the intro contest. There is a winner, but once again we ran out of time to get the intro done for this week’s episode. I blame ham ingestion. Fear not, for the winning intro involves Windows Vista and we actually plan to finally cover Vista in the next podcast as well. A double whammy of things people have been asking for! See you in 2 weeks…

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11 Responses to “Podcast Episode 17 – Hollywood and the Wii Get Both Barrels”

  1. Nightwheel Says:

    dang my Knight Rider Gamer spoof did not win. dang it

  2. dudex77 Says:

    great podcast and im surprised im not the only one who thinks the wii is going to damage the gaming industry, except i think the same thing goes with the ps3. to me the 360 is the only one that really gets gaming completely which really kills me considering my hate for micro$oft. Whens sega going to make a comeback?

  3. Jones Says:

    A Sega comeback would be great! :) They were my favorite back in the days of the Genesis.

    But I wouldn’t hold my breath on them getting back into consoles unfortunately. :(

  4. Rekarp Says:

    You didn’t run this Wii fan off :). Its true what your saying tho. I think what the Wii controls scheme needs is a “lazy” controller so I can kick back and slam a brew and play a game. That is what the Wii is missing for me atleast. Me and my friends do play Tiger Woods PGA and SSX for endless hours sometimes tho.

  5. benheck Says:

    I see your point Rekarp. I was over at Jones’ playing Guitar Hero 360 and it was a lot of fun. Tiring for my fingers, but fun. Point being, unique controllers are cool but it’s too bad the Wii doesn’t have something “standard” as well. Too bad the Wiimote wasn’t like the pack-in light gun 20 years ago (optional for games, but included)

  6. Elk Says:

    Who says you can’t have casual Wii? Look at Super Paper Mario or Sonic and the Secret Rings! You can sit lazily and play those! The motion controls just replace buttons. Oh, and by the way, to clarify, I am also getting a 360.

  7. Bruce Says:

    Such vitriol spewed at the Wii…

    We’ll see what happens with the console “wars,” but did you ever consider that the Wii may very well be where gaming is headed? Not necessarily for the games in particular, but for the control schemes, which have to advance for gaming to get to the next level…

    Even Ben’s future of gaming articles predict an evolution in that aspect of gaming. Slapping more buttons on the controller with each new generation isn’t exactly a revolutionary concept, nor does it create a more immersive experience, which is where this stuff is probably going to go.

    Nobody is holding a gun to anyone’s head to make them buy a Wii. Sales may end up plummeting and driving Nintendo out of business. However, if gaming is ever going to get beyond a button mashing, couch potato activity, Nintendo is doing more than Sony or Microsoft…

  8. Rekarp Says:

    “I was over at Jones’ playing Guitar Hero 360 and it was a lot of fun. Tiring for my fingers, but fun.”

    Did you get back in time for Lost? heh

    Well some games for the Wii do have the option to use the “Classic Controller”. Maybe more games will have this option? But I do find FPS games (ie Red Steel) easier with the wiimote than the dual analog sticks on the Xbox. This comes from years of PC gaming tho so I am “trained” with a mouse.

  9. rockasoo Says:

    Best podcast yet! Honest and funny!

  10. arakis Says:

    Great podcast. Please keep up the due diligence and stay above the hype. It is really irritating in the mainstream gaming press, so it is a real treat to listen to some straight talk. You guys make a great point that we would suffer if gaming abandoned pushing the cutting-edge of technology. A good question to ask is where is the downloadable patch for Zelda’s savegame problem? Why do gamers have to mail discs back to Nintendo? Keep up the obscure film references (Passenger 57, I know thee!) while you are at it too.

  11. Jones Says:


    You actually have to send your copy of Twilight Princess back to Nintendo to be replaced if you have that problem?!? I hadn’t even heard about this! Wow… If MS or Sony did this the Nintendo faithful would be boiling them in oil. Amazing… Does this happen on both the Gamecube and Wii versions or only one of them?

    PS – Passenger 57 rocks!!! Glad to know someone else is aware of its existence. :)

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