Playstation 3 Portable

After about 14 months of on-again-off-again work I have finally finished a Playstation 3 Portable:

My long-awaited PS3 portable
Wanna see more? Check out!

Some quick specs:

  • Original 60 gig PS3 model with backwards compatibility.
  • 17″ HDTV 720p screen, with HDMI connection. (Same as last Xbox 360 laptop)
  • Built-in keyboard and stereo audio amplifier.
  • Measures 17″ x 13.75″ x 3″ (actually thinner than a stock PS3) and weighs 16 pounds!

You can view more photos on the main story page at In the coming weeks the “Making Of” articles will follow.

This unit was built by their request and is intended to be auctioned off for charity – more details to come. Since I am already busy with other things, I will not be making any more of these. Feel free to email and ask for other custom design work or inquiries, however!

128 thoughts on “Playstation 3 Portable”

  1. Would you please let the public know when part 2 of how to make your ps3 will be arriving.

    Thank You

  2. You have to get with Sony so this babe can hit the market, I want one. There are only two things I can think of that would make it better. 1st- If it wasnt so heavy, but hey I will live with it. 2nd- If it had an internal battery. If you cant get sony to market this you should publish your instructions for it.

  3. Ok i few question i think we all need to know

    1. is this real or fake
    2. if it is real how much
    3. how many are in stock
    4. where are they bein sold
    5. what state are they being sold in
    6. does it have a inbuilt camera
    7. what other conections does it have besides USB
    8. can you go online wireless
    9. does it have inbuilt mic

    thats all the questions i have.

    and it looks very very very very very very high tech and very very very very very very very AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    id buy one off you just give me a price. i live iin australia N.S.W.

    psn: NNathanW

  4. hey ben i know u must be busy with other projects and new ideas but can u plz finish the HOW TO make a ps3 portable i really would like to know. well if u can’t thx anyway but i’d love to see how u did it becuz this is amazing im just amazed that this is even real. lol

  5. I don’t understand the point of this at all. Someone Please explain it to me.

    I bought a laptop to play games with over a ps3 or Xbox, for many reasons.. cheaper games, more games, mods, better resolution.. Plus it can do everything a desktop pc can do. Cost me 350 bucks new. It plays Crysis, Borderlands, Fallout 3 and most games below 2009 on medium settings. Plus it’s portable.

    I heard someone made one of these laptop ps3 for 8000 bucks. I thought Sucker ! He could have had a serious gaming laptop for under 1000.

    Someone please tell me the point to this ps3 laptop because I just don’t get it.

  6. In the above comment I meant Sold.. someone made one of these and someone else bought it from him for 8000 dollars.

  7. Ben I really need your second part of the tutorial. I’ve made the main frame and reassembled the blu ray drive n all. Just need to know how to make the screen work, from the same power as the ps3 input, how it’ll be able to save memory like laptops do etc. Email me ASAP

  8. i would love 2 send you my ps3 slim 120gb so’d you can create another one of your masterpieces with
    i’d would just like 2 say if you try 2 contact me through email i might not get bak to you for a while
    so im leaveing my PSN its
    i’d apreshiate it
    and i’d suggdest you paten the idia and sell it to sony
    you should gain profits for each Ps3p sold

  9. Dude I can’t believe he can just give ALL OF THE MONEY AWAY. I’m saying sure giving 2 charity is good and all, but ALL OF IT!!! You must’ve made some serious green. You know that you don’t give ALL away. God says give like 15% of 2 charity. Don’t believe me check the bible and find out!

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