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Xbox 360 – 1977 Edition

It came from the Seventies! (like me)

Hey – I’ve got a cool project that I’ve been working on which will be featured on the next Ben Heck Show and I thought I’d give my blog readers the exclusive sneak peak. Atari is releasing a few classic games as XBOX downloadable content and to help promote them we’re going old school and building an Atari inspired XBOX 360 laptop straight out of 1977. A few cool things that you can do while you’re waiting for the full episode on element14.com/tbhs,  Revision3, or Youtube…

1) Goto Atari.com to stay up to date on how you can enter for a chance to win the Atari XBOX featured in this episode.

2) Goto element14.com/tbhs and enter for a chance to win my Autographed Original Portable Work Bench (ends 4/30/2011): http://www.element-14.com/community/view-event.jspa?event=2827

3) Or the portable Sega CDX from episode 12 (ends 3/31/2011): http://www.element-14.com/community/view-event.jspa?event=2806

4) If you want to build your own portable work bench v2.0, you can get the plans for my new portable work bench: http://www.element-14.com/community/thread/11921?tstart=0

Also, don’t forget to come visit The Ben Heck Experience at the Midwest Gaming Classic next weekend in Milwaukee, WI. Stay til Sunday and see my pinball-related panel with arch nemesis Jeri Ellsworth! Play Bill Paxton Pinball and check out the prototype for my next one. We’ll see you there!


18 Responses to “Xbox 360 – 1977 Edition”

  1. IT Rush Says:

    Cool, is that really an xbox? Looks like it’s a turn table to me..

  2. MLGB Says:

    awesome.. i went to the atari site and couldn’t find anything out about it yet, so i signed up for their newsletter. hopefully they tell us something soon. id love to have this.

  3. Timerider Says:

    Portable turn-table laptop would be a good idea too.

  4. XBOX 360 convertida en una Atari retro Says:

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  5. John Says:

    That Xbox is wayyyy too fresh! Killer project Ben. Hope I can win it.

  6. pitfall harry Says:

    wheres the xbox360 controller converted into a 2600 joystick/paddle?

  7. Geekazine - Jeffrey Powers Says:

    Loved it. So is the Odyssey game system next (still my favorite game controller)? Funny thing was I noticed the tornado warning system test in the background in one of the scenes.

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  9. GojiraGamer Says:

    Is there a metal that you can use on the older model xbox’s to make a case that is heat


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  12. ProgMetalMan Says:

    Any link to the contest yet?
    By the way, EPIC WIN

  13. Benheck's 1977 Style Xbox 360 Laptop! Says:

    [...] console portable. From NES to PS2 to even the Wii. He recently just built another Xbox 360 laptop. The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn PM me if you want my 3DS Friend Code. Reply With Quote + Reply to [...]

  14. Tony Stark Says:

    Wow. It even has those incredibly ugly wood paneling on the sides.

  15. Galane Says:

    I’d rather have a page with a bunch of pictures than videos which take forever to download.

  16. Xbox720 Says:

    It was part of the fifth generation of video game consoles competing against the Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64. By March 31, 2005, the PlayStation and PSone had shipped a combined total of 102.49 million units,[16] becoming the first video game console to sell 100 million units.[2]

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  18. Joe Plante Says:

    Oh my goodness. It’s a good thing that those aren’t being mass-produced. The will to keep myself from buying one would be very weak against the Atari 2600 design

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