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Ben’s Hack Pick of the Wii-k

Thanks to everyone who submitted hacks in the past week! I skimmed over them and picked Ryan Culy’s “Wii Controller for Single-Handed Use”:

The rebuilt Nunchuck

The basic idea is that you strap the nunchuck to one arm and press the analog stick against your leg to use it. The C and Z buttons are ported out and attached to the side of the main Wii-mote, thus making it the main controller but with nunchuck support. I picked this project because it has a good purpose and I’ve had lots of requests for something similar, and unfortunately haven’t gotten around to doing it myself. So this proves it can be done, way to go Ryan!

The C and Z buttons on the Wii-Mote

Additionaly I am impressed that he assembled the casing out of multiple layers of laser-cut acrylic – which shows patience and devotion – as well as a high tolerance for resin bond and super glue fumes.  Check out his full site below (click on “Wii Controller” under “Projects”)

Link: http://rmculy.iweb.bsu.edu/web/ 

I am adding a “Submit Cool Project” link to the right frame of this website – please use it for all future submissions. I shall try and pick one per week, time permitting. Thanks again and happy hacking!


16 Responses to “Ben’s Hack Pick of the Wii-k”

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  2. Life of Brian Says:

    Cool! Well done!

    I love the idea of everyone submitting projects, too.

  3. nightwheel Says:

    Thats smart right there. Good Job Ryan ;)

  4. Dylan Says:

    I waant of those for my brother who has cp..

  5. Christopher Vigliotti Says:

    Good job indeed.

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  7. Thomas Says:

    I’m the person for whom Ryan built the controller, and I just wanted to vouch for its quality. It works great, and it’s perfect for playing Wii if you are missing a hand, like me.

    Long story short: Ryan is a baller.

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  9. Mama Que Says:

    In my biz, we call that well engineered adaptive technology. Well done, Ryan!

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  13. Kevin Says:

    This is really cool! Great job Ryan!


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  15. Games For Gamecube Says:

    Games For Gamecube…

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you….

  16. PsyMonk Says:

    Вообще я люблю написать какую-нибудь скабрезную критику, но тут не придраться! :)

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